Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Transfer 2 week 5

Yesterday, I wrote a note to satan. This is how it read: dear satan, I loathe you. I distain your desires to make my life and the lives of my companions depressing. Also, you think you are pretty clever, and you may be cunning, but I know Who has greater power. So satan, eat dirt! with righteous indignation, Sister Smith So the story behind the need to hate on the devil was due to a series of uneventful, reject-filled and depressing days, possibly adding up to a week or two of being off the game. Unfortunately it took us until this sunday to admit to each other that we felt like complete failures and even had thoughts of, what am I doing here, I should go home, I wasting the lord's time. So after some reflection during lunch break after church, I was looking for something to give me hope. (admittedly, I was feeling pretty low) I pulled out my mission binder and opened to the monthly newsletter for February. The Assistants had written something that turned my light switch on. Went to the jist of "dont get discouraged at the sad attempts satan makes to slow this work" HA! there wasnt anyting wrong with us, it was satan pulling us down and we didnt even realize it. That made me feel relieved and angry at the same time. Relieved to know the cause of this distress, and irritated that I let satan work at me for so long! So I presented this amazing information to my companions and we sang hymns to bring some life back into us. boy was I ready to kick some opposition's butt! SUCKER PUNCH TO THE FACE, SATAN! Also, I got my first sunburn of the year. I meant to email a picture but I forgot my camera. Heres an image for your own imagination. Okay, so I was wearing a button up shirt, sort sleeved. Outside in the Hot Louisiana sun in front of walmart from 10am-2pm. my tan line on my arm is mid bicept, and I have about a 1.5 inch stripe on my neck/chest. Pretty much ridiculous. It sure is a conversation starter when we go tracting now. Sister Hislop said it was my pre-tan for brazil. Skin cancer is what I call it. but yeah, it was worth it. We went to De Ridder to help with a finding opportunity our district leader was doing. And it was rather fruitful, dont have to waste precious time with people who dont care to hear. We are going to do this in oakdale, and hope to find some simliar results. I hate hearing people say, Im baptist, Im catholic. thats nice, but what does that really mean? Guess what? Im a follower of Christ!! Ha, my companions were teasing me this week about "all the mail" I get. Actually, this week was prettty rocking. Thanks everyone who sent me some love. I had a letter everday for 5 days. alas, my companions had 0. (What can I say, Im just that loveable?) just kidding. I am really greatful for the abundance of love and support I have had from so many people. And Im finally buyin stamps this week so I can actually write people back! Hope ya'll have a swell week! ps. if you have missionaries ask you to do missionary work, please do it! just say'n cuz thats something we really have a problem with. and besides the fact that the branch is so small, but we have a lot of troubles getting people to come with us to lessons. dont be afraid to share the truth. this is an urgent message! Its our salvation at stake! :) Eu amo voces! sister smeech

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