Monday, April 18, 2011

semana 6 transfer 2

After the trial comes the blessings, nao? This past sunday was a little beyond dissapointing. Once again, we had no investigators at church. We had done everything we could, to have the members involved and arrange rides. Come ten o'clock, no investigators. We couldnt leave and try to round people up because we have to take care of the music and other things in sacrament meeting, sometimes I wonder how this branch would go if we missionaries werent there. The work has been really slow and we've been struggling to find people who are ready for this message. We had one woman who was so rude to us last week, we knocked on her door to ask her about her neighbor, to make sure we'd came to the right place for our lesson (they werent home yet) and she opened the door and said Good Night and when my companion said, we just have a question for you, she opened the door again and yelled, get off my property now! We've had some other experiences with people cussing at us and stuff, but hey, we didnt provoke anyone, so its not our fault they are so foul tempered. We have been praying to know what we are doing wrong that we've been having no sucess and we had a fast this weekend for Chasity and Roland and for finding those who are prepared. Today, we had a miracle. Yep, Sister Smith is coining the term Miracle, because its true! God blessed us this morning. We had met this man 2 weeks ago on preparation day when we went to the car wash/laundry mat. We gave him our card and told him a little about the plan of salvation. he had a family member recently die, so sad. He called us around ten fifteen and said he was at the laundry mat if we wanted to come over and talk with him. (Like I would pass up an opportunity to teach) dropped my language study and we were over there in minutes. We taught him outside the mat, and even with the noise of the highway and other laundry washers, we were able to teach him the restoration and some of the plan of salvation. He did speak alot, but he was listening intently. before we even commited him for baptism he was asking when our church meets for worship. He is tenatively getting bapized May 28. he is a really kind man, and very humble. When we told him how Joseph Smith had little education, he smiled and said, like me too. Its just so great to see how people recognize that they can all relate to Joseph in some way. The spirit was there and we were all filled with joy, I think one of the greatest fruits of the spirit. I am just so grateful that the Lord saw our faith and blessed us today. We've really needed it, as we've been facing a lot of opposition and lack of people who are interested in doing the work required to gain their own testimony. I pray we can conitnue to have success and bring souls to The Church of Christ, to partake of those eternal blessings that come through the covenants we make under the proper authority. The Priesthood Power is AWESOME. I wanted to share a quote from Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk in Priesthood session of this april conference. "Don't let a day go by without doing something to act on the promptings of the Spirit." We are all entitled to have the direction of the spirit, and we can pray for this guidance. I was reading this morning in Alma 31, about the Zoramites who built their rameumptum prayer tower in their synagoges. as I as reading I was pondering on, how a people, can get themselves off the path of correct doctrine. something that stood out to me was in verse 11--that they didnt observe the performances of the church, and did not pray daily to avoid temptation. To me, that shows how important daily sincere prayer is, your time to converse with the Lord, and then to have sabbath day oberservance, a day set apart to focus on the Lord, to renew our baptismal covenants. There are a lot of people who dont understand what church is really about, they get hung up what other people are doing, "so-and-so is hypocritical, therefore I will not go to church". do we go to church for man, or for God? Keep praying ya'll so satan cant weasel his way into your daily lives! Heavenly Father hears us and wants to bless us, if we just ask! We've had some real fun tracting experiences this past week. por exemplo: we went to a apartment complex, and it seemed like almost every door we knocked on was a lonely old lady who just wanted someone to tell their life story too, not to hear abou the gospel. The last of the set of lone grandmas, was this little black woman, wrinklely beyond all reason. She had no teeth too. Anywho she had us come in and sat down. She had a TV on so loud, we couldnt hear a word that she was saying, ( we already struggled to understand between her aged voice, accent, and lack of teeth to help for words) excpet for NO when sister Aka tried to turn off the TV. We sang her a hymn and hit the road. We met some really crazy weird people too over there. Are we sure that sign said Applewood apartments, or Applewood Asylum? haha they were some sweet old ladies, but they had no intention of hearing the gospel, sadly. the picture I attached is a drawing I did of another tracting experinence where sister aka got a little excited to get in the door.... the other picture is a sign our recent convert, Gwen Alsburry has in her workout room. Actually, its her husband Willy's work out room. he is pretty obsessed with working out. he looks pretty good for a middle aged man, i guess hes middle aged, he is like 54....100 is dead, 1 is new, so 50's is middle? yah anywho thats about all folks, love sister smeech

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