Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Transferença 3 semana 3 : LOST IN TRANSLATION

yes, when you leave one mission and come to another, you suddenly pop ahead a couple of weeks.okay first things first: OBRIGADA por meu chacos mom and dad! they keep my feet really cool. its pretty darn warm down here, i honstly sweat all day, its great.. but the last two havent been too bad, actually kinda frio. Entao, quando when I walk i was thinking about things to say, but then I get here and dont know. So, need to get this off my chest: I LOVE Brasil. The people here are great, the food is delicious. I am very much lost in translation I mostly understand that I dont understand much that is gonig on around me. last night we were tracting and my trainher was trying to teach me how to pronounce this word (i dont even know how to spell it..) I feel like a child! lol its great though, I actually dont mind too much not knowing because I kow it will come pouco um pouco, little by little. My trainer said i~´ll understand in a month or so. Im finding im not even afraid to talk to to people, its only the fear of not knowing how to respond to a person cuz you dont understand. I see all these people, and im like o o o fala com eles!!! so many people here! rioght Im in Verdao, its part of the city Cuiabá. Sisters only serve in Cuiabá and Campo Grande.Other way awesome thing....Sister darling MTC companion, I found her! we were both waiting for our final flight to Cuiaba. our flights coming to brazil were different, she was pretty much alone. i got to meet up with a whole bunch of elders from our zone in the MTC and district. so that was really neat. Presidente Oliveira is muito legal. We calll our mission, CuiaBAtizar (batizar means baptize) we baptize weekly, and I hope our retention rate is good. I learned a lot of good things in my previous mission I hope that I can bring to the table. I love my trainer here, she is very hardworking and timely. I like that. She´s a brazileria, from the south and doesnt speakin english. I know she knows some but shes helping me learn by not speaking any ingles. Sister randall and I are in neighboring areas, and live together. Holy cow was my set up in Louisiana nice! We had so much space and air conditioning. ha. not here, I thought I had very few things in comparasion to my past comps, but here i feel like a little princess in comparasion! we dont have room for lots of stuff. i hate stuff...things are so expensive too! like sunblock, 35 - 75 $ gross... we get reimbersed though.this coming suday yall get to call me for mothers day so buy an international phone card. i have 40 mins to talk, i beleive. if i understand portuges correcttly. the number is 55 65 9989 9018 call me at one clock.

my address for the mission office, that is,

Av. Hist. Rubens de Mendonça 1731,
Sala 10consil78050-975 Cuiabá-MTBrasil okay.

thank ya´ sister smith

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