Monday, May 16, 2011

transferença 3 semana 5

This week, todo mundo were either bebidos* or duidos**.
Im not baptising either of those folks, since they are not in the right mind for anything.
This week has been another interesting week, still dont understand what people say, but im understanding more words. :)
Contacting is really fun, Its all practice for me. haha My trainer has about 3 months left in the field, and we´ll probably be together for the next transfer, we´ve got new training materials! hurrah!

I´ve been pondering alot about the things I learned and experienced in Louisiana in comparasion to here in Brasil.
Being here in brasil, cuiabá is hardest probably the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.
When I wake up, I honestly dread the day. But once I hit the street, the sun blazing down on minha cabeça and minha mochilla, I get pumped. Lets go save some souls! Having the language barrier is really difficult, but I see how this is really helping me rely more on the Lord. I have never felt more alone than I have here. But at the same time, I constantly feel the Love of our Heavenly Father, comforting me and helping me to stay postitive and strive to see the bigger picture, past the sore feet, past the stench, past the thirst and tiredness.
All in all, I can say I definately am being stretched, much more than I imagined. And Im grateful for it.
you cant appreciate the joy in life with out the pains, no?

Thanks for all the pictures of sadie, bethany! SHE IS A DOLL!!! i wish i had more time to email everyone back individually, but the computer im using is slow and it took a while for me to look at the pictures. They were food for my eyes!
Emily looked lovely, it was good to see how things are happening in the family.
Next week hopefully I´ll be able to send some pictures.
I got some sandalas that are more comfortable for my feet hurrah! and sister alburquerque rigged up´a backing for my chacos, using straps from her old bra! haha! oh the life of the missão!

So here´s a little story about hands.
Saturday, there had to be some sort of holiday going on (oh yeah, its the weekend! thats holiday enough!) tudo mundo were drunk, sister Frischneckt and Sister Randall got their hands kissed twice by different drunks in the street, and my comp and i went to visit one of our less actives, Jonas....well he had been drinking. Lets just say i had to dodge to miss a third kissing on myy hand. yes....akward.....
indeed excitment!
love ya,
sister smith
Mosiah 8:18, Eter 12:12

vocab for the week:
**crazy, madman

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