Monday, May 30, 2011

transferencia 4 semana 1

Indeed, I will be staying here in Verdão por another transfer with Sister Albuquerque. Sister Frischneckt just ended her last transfer and is flying back home to utah this thursday, and Sister Randall is heading down to Campo Grande, a good 12-13 hr bus ride. Lucky duck! ha!Im excited to start afresh and have a few more bairros added to my area, my comp and I will have two areas to cover until the next transfer when we get 4 more sisters into the mission! wa-hoo! President Oliviera loves sisters, i think part of it has to do with his own conversion experience being sister missionaries who taught him the gospel. Thanks mom for forwarding the email from Sister Manning, Im so happy to hear that things are progressing with Mario, he is definately an elect.This week I am excited to trying to put the shoulder to the wheel and keep up the excitement, i did alot of pondering and praying about what I can do to help keep the work going and the only thing to do is be excited about it! GREAT things are going to happen, Sister A. and I are going to tear it up in Verdão!Dad, I decided that the missing link in the family tree commenced in Brasil. I see all these homens on the rua men on the street, and i think, man he could be dad´s brother, or cousin. When i speak portuguese well enough that people dont have to question what language i am speaking, i am going to say im from the North, rather than estados unidos. Cuz some people just arent very polite after they learn this. Tommrow sister Randall and I willl go with Sister F. and sis. Hatten to have almosço com presidente Oliviera; you get lunch with presidente when you leave and when you arrive, so that will be fun. I look forward to the day when I can understand him. His accent isn´t too heavy like most Cuiabá people (speak very poor portugese and very fast) but he talks really softly.We´ve been trying to work with our less active, not active people here in the ward, whereas we have so many. It is really saddening to find someone, who knows the church is true, but they just have no desire to return because of the actions of the members. We met one woman this past week; so strong in faith, but she said she stayed there for 8 years and she just could not put up with the things that were going on there. Our ward needs to grow; if Verdão grows we´ll get to have a building of our own! ITs crazy, i feel like im still in Oakdale; im facing almost the exact challenges here as there, just with a little more population to work with and in a different language.I keep thinking about how in the last days the wheat will be seperated from the Tares, and even memebers of the church will be sifted; I see it now. There are many people who arent strong enough or willling to do what the Lord asks. It makes me have even more of a desire to stay strong to what I know is true; to gaurd my covenants and endure to the end. Of all the things we have to do in this life to recieve salvation and exaltation, its the enduring the to end that is difficult.Stay strong ya´ll,eu amo vocês!sister smith

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