Tuesday, May 24, 2011

transfer 3 week 6

Its been another difficult week here in Area Verdao B. I´ve been reflecting alot on my experiences in my last area in Oakdale, things were very similar to here. I am trying to see what changes I can bring to help improve the area. Its very easy to get discouraged, but I know discouragement comes from Satan; he doesnt want the work to continue. I´ve take the advice of my last trainer, sister Hislop. ``Dont ask why but HOW can I improve the situation´´ Sister Albuquerque and I are praying and fasting for some miracles, and seeing how we can be more diligent and obedient to recieve blessings. I cant believe this transfer is almost over. Im learning so much more about patience and listening to the spirit, and to truly love the people I teach. We had one investigator at church sunday, we taugh him, his mother and brother the first lesson on saturday and Luis wanted to come to church with us. He seemed to really enjoy the classes and sacrament meeting and appears to be excited to meet with us again tonight. I will most likely be staying here in Cuiabá, sister Randall is probably going to be transfered down to Campo Grande. I cant wait for when i go there, Sister Albuquerque tells me I wont be able to hardly stop taking pictures, its very beautiful there, very different from Cuiabá. Haven´t tried anything crazy this week, just enduring the heat and the sweat. Yesterday was so hot, I was thinking, Heavenly Father, are you trying to kill me? Nope, just close to it. Literally the refiners fire, não? I hate to think about when it really gets hot here....staying hydrated.....I already drink 6 bottles of water during the day! I´ve lost 2.5 kilos too...probably all the weight I gained in the MTC and in Louisiana. Sister Alburquerque said I´ll probably loose at least 5 more. With all the walking and the sweating, go figure! haha
Hope everyone is happy and healthy. I read about Morôni this morning, in Alma 48, he´s my role model. Im tired of being discouraged and tired of low numbers and dissapointing my leaders, myself and most importantly God. I´ve felt satan really working on me the last few weeks and its been really hard to stay focused and have the desire to be diligent. But I have the fortune of many people who love me and support me that I´ve been able to relflect on to give me strength. Thank you all for your love and prayers.
This is God´s work; No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing. Pursecutions may rage, mobs may combine, calamuity may defame. But the works of God will go forth Boldly, Nobly, and Independent, Until it has penitrated every climb, swept every nation, and sounded in every ear...until the Great Jehovah shall say, The Work Is Done! (from the wentworth letters, joseph smith jr...)
Remeber we are all missionaries for the LORD!!
sister smith

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  1. Wow I didn't even know this existed till today. If I want to send her a letter what address do I use?