Monday, May 9, 2011

transfer 3 week 4

sometimes i feel like a rebel. because sometimes i speak ingles in my head.

We´re off to a blooming good start this week! new goals, new people to meet. Sister Alberquerque and I have a lot of work to do try improve from last week, where i was having problems with my feet (the pansies arent used to walking for more or less 9 hrs a day) no bolhas er bb..blisters mais, my feet have not been super proactive for the work. I´ve had some medicine to help, i´m not sure if it actually does so today im not going to use it. it makes me super thirsty. and im already thirsty enough. lol but i hope these feet of mine are ready to work this week cuz i dont want to spend another hour with my toes above my head or doused in ice water. Yeah, im not so sure icebaths are that healthy.....I decided its the perfect form of torture. its like, hey lets walk in the Sahara Desert for 3 days and then go dip them in a bucket of water fetched from the Artic.
yes. torture.
então, I gave my first baptism invitation in portuges this week! We taught this older lady, Ana the restoration. She didnt really understand anything I said, `mais or menos´ Ive got to speak slower too so people understand me. I think in the back of my mind I think, hey if I speak quickly, they wont notice that Im speaking incorrectly! ERRR nope....makes it worse. haha
Im understanding a little more, i think, each day, but some people are very difficult to understand. especally old men with no teeth....yes i was doing a street contact and this old fella went off about something, very animated and enthusastic. He kept saying things and looking at me, and i kept thinking, is he asking me a question? i just hoped I was making the right facial expressions to suit his conversation cuz I understood nada. lol ´tis vida, não?
Oh by ways of business, i dont remember if i asked this in my last email, but mom&Dad, could ya´ll move some money from my checking to my credit because i used my credit card to pay for the box i sent before i left Louisiana. I might have, but better to check than have a huge bill when i get back from my mission.
Now that I´ve come to Brasil, I´ve been thinking alot on the reasons for why I need to go to Louisiana. I had some ideas in my mind, but I´m starting to think there are other reasons, things I can do to help my mission here? I knew things would be different, but i didnt think it would be as different as I am finding. I cant wait until I can understand and speak better, so I can be of better use.
Congrats to Bethany finally giving birth!! yay! Im excited for you and Alex to be parents, and she´ll be in the fun age when I get back!
Now we just need to get Megan and Liesel a husband so they can start popping out kids for me to play with. ;) jk
I cant believe how quickly the time goes by, this transfer is half gone, and at the end I will hit the 6 month mark. crazy. Somedays i really cant wait for this to be all over, probably because im in the greenie stage all over again. its super lame being the greenie! haha
well, mom and dad let me know when you get my letters so i know about how long they take to arrive. i sent them last tuesday. twas a happy birthday dad and happy mothers day mom!
photo 1: view from my window.
photo 2: what happens when we make chocolate frosting....
photo 3: trying the food on the rua...freshly BBQ
photo 4: starting of a weekly journal of the tanlines on my feet here in brasil.

hope ya´ll are happy and healthy! Love much,

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