Thursday, March 29, 2012

Transfer 11 week 2

I was sop escited about the news of ella´s birth and ben going to prom and ammon having mono that i nearly forgot to mandar noticias.  I am well, happy and working hard.  One sister got news from the doctor that her knee is beyond repair on the mission and she had to go home today.  that was friday that president called.  so it has been a little crazy.  Really escited for general conference, prepararem-se bem, tá bom?!
amo vocês,

Monday, March 19, 2012

Transfer 11 week 1

and the transfer call sayssssss:
stayed!!! yeashh, I will have yet another transfer with sister De Oliveira here.  Im really excited, we have a few families of which we are working with, that i really want to see their progression.  Not everyone is a two week baptism.  We had zone conference tuesday which was really awesome, I love conferences.  It might be my last one, being as i zone conferece is usually every three months.  President did a simulation of us being released from our callings and he had us take off our name tags.  That was the weirdest feeling ever.  All I could think was, okay pres, when are you going to let me put my tag back on?  this isn´t my time yet!!
I wonder if I will feel that again when it really happens.  Made all of us think once again how we got here and why were are here.
We met a little family this week that I am really excited to see how take hold of the gospel.  We had been searching for  two young women but we couldnt find their house number so we started asking people on the street.  One group told us to talk with this woman, Tareza, becuase she rents out a few houses in front of hers.  We talked with her, not finding the ladies, but explained who we are.  Immediately she had a question about who or what is Mormon?  She was busy with her little daughter so we quickly expained what is the book of mormon and we left it with her, along with a pamflet about the restoration of the gospel.   Saturday it was just by chance we were close to her neighboorhood and passed by to see how her reading went.  She had already read starting from the front cover up until ch. 5 in 1st nephi.  Her son attended us at the door and when we understood who we were he was really excited, Tareza had passed the pamphlet for him to read and he´d read all of it.  We shared the message of the restoration and before we even talked about  joseph the room was filled with the spirit, she was almost crying when we talked about joseph´s search and the direction given in james.   She said she will pray, but she already feels she´d recieved and answer, that this is the path she´d been searching for.  Directly after the lesson she told us that she smokes and wants to stop.  It is true as the scriptures say, the Elect hear His Voice and they follow.  It was neat discussing the lesson afterwards with sister De Oliveira. She said that this was the first time that she sat down and clearly pictured the person dressed in white.  Just got to pray that satan wont get in the way, becuase he does like to do that, i have seen that many times on my mission. People who know that the church is true, they have felt the spirit bare witness, but the world gets in the way and they arent truly certain if they can live the life that God requires.  We saw that this week, teaching a mother and daughter who´d already recieved the lessons.  They said they believe in what we taught them, that Joseph was the prophet of the restoration, but when it comes to following, they say its complicated, or its too dificult.  So, let me understand, its too hard to follow Christ?
It makes you sad, when you know they just aren´t willing to open their hearts and follow the spirit.  But not everyone excepted or recognized even when Jesus Christ himself was teaching his truths.
This transfer will be a short one, of only 5 weeks.
 story funny.  So im pretty sure our neighbors are going to hate us after last night, but we had 2 cockroach appearances, one which was having a baby.  (yeah i didnt look at that one....ewww)  imagine 4 young women tryying to kill a cockroach, one screaming jumping up and down, one ontop of a chair with a can of raid, one with a shoe, and the other with the broom.  (i always prefer the broom).  Not only once last night, but twice.
I almost wet myself from the laughter.
So im really excited about Ella being born.  I was waiting to hear if she already left the womb or if she is hanging in on there. I´ll pray for you Leda, i know God will bless you with a quick deliverance. ;)
estou animada!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Transfer 10 week 6

Minha Nossa! Já esta a final semana desta transferência!!
Tommrow we will have our Zone Conference, Im excited, because its such a great day of learning, but im a little nervous. I have finally memorized Doctrine and Convenants section 4 in portuguese. I know....over a year into my mission and I finally make the effort...becuase who knows, i might get called on to say it infront of three zones of missionaries. Its funny, to help me remember the verse that says ´´remember the faith, the virtue, the knowledge, the temperance....etc´´ i remember it by pointing to parts of my body. virtue=eyes knowlege=temples temperance=nose pacience=mouth., get the picture. im imagining tommrow i get called on, and being nervous i wont rembmer the words with out doing head shoulders knees and toes.
We have been working with a few little families this transfer, one we just absolutely love. Juliana and her three kids, Debora, Diego and Sara. HEr parents too. I have been learning alot about patience, as we have been visiting them for a few weeks but they still havent been to church yet and we hadnt even invited Juliana for baptism. We finally had a moment where her kids were out with their dad that we could teach her in reverence. I am not going to lie, i was really nervous about it. and she accepted the challenge! progress!! Sometimes it is hard for me, as I have always been so impatient, to accept the timing of the Lord. Im like, if we are going to do it, lets do it now!! But everyone has the momement right to accept the gospel. Its hard too when you work with someone and you love them so much and want so desperately to see them have more happiness in their lifes, but it isnt their time yet. Im learning that pacience has a lot to do with faith.
Today is going to be pretty crazy again, we have already finished at the dentist and now we have to meet up with the other companionship of sisters to get my papers that i had forgotten, for me to go to my exam. wha-oo! we are goping to be running like crazy in the city center today, and getting things ready for the week and for conference.....haev to remain calm.b But tonight we will have a FHE with a less active and make tapioca. YES!!!! excited I am.
love you all,

transfer 10 week 5

I hit 1 year 3 months last week.
Minha Nossa.
Ave Maria!
Im getting old here! we are getting ourselves well prepared for our next conference of Zone. I´ll hit one more before i go home, i think. Today is a trunkie letter day....haha last night we celebrated sister De Oliveira doing 7 months of the mission with lots of sugar; brownie with chocolate covering and strawberries, chocolate icecream and coca cola. we will just say that we took a lot of pictures and had a few giggle was quite funny us four sprawled out on the floor making faces and taking photos. I have been pretty stressed so it was good to wind down. Its been a tough week, with finding new people but not having people making commitments, i think my immune system has been low because i have gotten sick, lots of pain in the body and head and weakenss. i went to the doctor and she gave me some drugs and i have to go back in today. Im not too worried about it; i think I really just need a good rest. My cist that had a removed a few years back flared up again so, that could be a factor in all this.
Today in the lan house we ran into a man from california, it was weird trying to converse in english! the other sisters will get the joy of visiting him; he already has lived in utah, in Centerville and knows a lot about the history of the church. now its time for the spirit to teach him. HAHAHA
So yeah, to return to the point that this is a trunkie letter, i have less than 15 weeks!!!! probably my fly in day will be the 4th or 5th of june!!!!
I like to tease my companion by saying the following....´´you know I could kiss a young man this year. BUT YOU WONT until 2013!!! you know what? I could go to the beach this year.....BUT YOU WONT until 2013!!!!!!!!´´
ARent i mean? rsrsrsrsrs
but its good to tease your companions, they need it once and a while.
On saturday we had quite the tempest here!! luckily we were still at lunch when it started the down pour. happened to be that i and sister de oliveira had forgotten our umbrellas in the house of another member that we did a family night; if we´d had been in the street, minha nossa what a disaster it would have been!

photo1: nós quatro-smith, heydorn, fernades e de oliveira
photo2: the storm
photo3: ´´please bless this food to nurish and strengthen our much as chocolate, sugar, and coca cola can´´

I pray for all of you and hope ya´ll have a great week!

PS--dear family!!! send me photos of the family so i can show them to my companion...for example, cousins who are single. ;) hahaha

Transferencia 10 Semana 4

Another week has come and gone!
Time sure is passing by quickly, am having a lot of fun and alot of learning with Sister De Oliveira. She makes me trunky. Trunky for her house! SEriously, I have got to visit Natal. Go to the beach, eat açaí and cuscuz......its so delicious. She is a person with big Energizer batteries. We are always singing and laughing and messing around; our favorite this week is to pretend like we are mad at each other and one is the mother and the other the child receving punishment. It is so hilarious, becase the other sisters haven´t a clue what to do with us! hahahaha today is going to be a very chilax day. I will actually write some letters, watch a movie (yeah, when your options are only church filmes, you still get excited to watch together forever or the restoration!) and eat popcorn! its going to be awesome! Last week we went to play paintball with another zone but we were late and the place had someone else already scheduled so we ended up going to another chapel in the centro and played football. err soccer. it was really fun, and funny because you have to play easy beccause there is the no contact rule between elders and sisters so as sisters we´d take advantage of that and make some scores! E. Conceição and I got ourselves a game plan that we pulled the wool over my companion´s eyes (as she was the goalie). He´d go in like he was going to kick the ball in, so she was only paying attention to him, he´d bluff and kick it to me on the other side and i´d bump the ball into the net. hahaha it was great fun. We are having good success too, with working with the members. We had three members walk with us to do visits and contacts and we have been having family home evening nights every week too. Sunday we had two more members offer to walk with us. This makes me happy, that we are starting to get more involoved with the members, because its really the only way that works well.
So sometimes I feel like i have been on my mission all my life, yesterday I was trying to remember the names of Leda´s girls in whole, and I couldnt! I wont even try to guess what birthdays are lol
We have found a couple of neat families to work with. It would really complete my joy if we could bring a family into the gospel this transfer. it is sometimes really complicated, to find a couple that is legaly married or wants to be married, and then to meet with everyone at the same time; I am praying this two families we have met will progresss. One we met, it was by complete chance where our plans had fallen through, and I only remembered the name of the woman that I had read in the area book (a book of records of people who recieved lessons, or only were contacts in the street, recent converts and less actives) she was a contact. Last transfer we had tried to encontrar her in her house but she wasnt. I didnt even remember what the number was or the name of the street, but i believe the spirit led me to remember because when we got to her house she was home and let us in. She had already recieved the lessons from missionaries years past, but we talked about the restoration and families. She said that she prays everyday for the Lord to show her which church is true; because she wants to raise her family with gospel principles. She said she wants to be like us, and be able to say ´´I know this is the true Church of God.´´ She has a mother in law who is a memeber, and had actually been talking about doing a visit in the church again because its been a while since she went. The only thing that is faltering is marriage.
nobody gets married here!
but at least Campo Grande has this great marriage system. If you have beeen living together more than one year, you go to where this moblie marrage center is and bring all your documents and get married for free. for FREEE!! just do it!
but yeah,
hope ya´ll have a fantastic week.
lo0ve kristin