Monday, March 12, 2012

Transfer 10 week 6

Minha Nossa! Já esta a final semana desta transferência!!
Tommrow we will have our Zone Conference, Im excited, because its such a great day of learning, but im a little nervous. I have finally memorized Doctrine and Convenants section 4 in portuguese. I know....over a year into my mission and I finally make the effort...becuase who knows, i might get called on to say it infront of three zones of missionaries. Its funny, to help me remember the verse that says ´´remember the faith, the virtue, the knowledge, the temperance....etc´´ i remember it by pointing to parts of my body. virtue=eyes knowlege=temples temperance=nose pacience=mouth., get the picture. im imagining tommrow i get called on, and being nervous i wont rembmer the words with out doing head shoulders knees and toes.
We have been working with a few little families this transfer, one we just absolutely love. Juliana and her three kids, Debora, Diego and Sara. HEr parents too. I have been learning alot about patience, as we have been visiting them for a few weeks but they still havent been to church yet and we hadnt even invited Juliana for baptism. We finally had a moment where her kids were out with their dad that we could teach her in reverence. I am not going to lie, i was really nervous about it. and she accepted the challenge! progress!! Sometimes it is hard for me, as I have always been so impatient, to accept the timing of the Lord. Im like, if we are going to do it, lets do it now!! But everyone has the momement right to accept the gospel. Its hard too when you work with someone and you love them so much and want so desperately to see them have more happiness in their lifes, but it isnt their time yet. Im learning that pacience has a lot to do with faith.
Today is going to be pretty crazy again, we have already finished at the dentist and now we have to meet up with the other companionship of sisters to get my papers that i had forgotten, for me to go to my exam. wha-oo! we are goping to be running like crazy in the city center today, and getting things ready for the week and for conference.....haev to remain calm.b But tonight we will have a FHE with a less active and make tapioca. YES!!!! excited I am.
love you all,

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