Monday, March 19, 2012

Transfer 11 week 1

and the transfer call sayssssss:
stayed!!! yeashh, I will have yet another transfer with sister De Oliveira here.  Im really excited, we have a few families of which we are working with, that i really want to see their progression.  Not everyone is a two week baptism.  We had zone conference tuesday which was really awesome, I love conferences.  It might be my last one, being as i zone conferece is usually every three months.  President did a simulation of us being released from our callings and he had us take off our name tags.  That was the weirdest feeling ever.  All I could think was, okay pres, when are you going to let me put my tag back on?  this isn´t my time yet!!
I wonder if I will feel that again when it really happens.  Made all of us think once again how we got here and why were are here.
We met a little family this week that I am really excited to see how take hold of the gospel.  We had been searching for  two young women but we couldnt find their house number so we started asking people on the street.  One group told us to talk with this woman, Tareza, becuase she rents out a few houses in front of hers.  We talked with her, not finding the ladies, but explained who we are.  Immediately she had a question about who or what is Mormon?  She was busy with her little daughter so we quickly expained what is the book of mormon and we left it with her, along with a pamflet about the restoration of the gospel.   Saturday it was just by chance we were close to her neighboorhood and passed by to see how her reading went.  She had already read starting from the front cover up until ch. 5 in 1st nephi.  Her son attended us at the door and when we understood who we were he was really excited, Tareza had passed the pamphlet for him to read and he´d read all of it.  We shared the message of the restoration and before we even talked about  joseph the room was filled with the spirit, she was almost crying when we talked about joseph´s search and the direction given in james.   She said she will pray, but she already feels she´d recieved and answer, that this is the path she´d been searching for.  Directly after the lesson she told us that she smokes and wants to stop.  It is true as the scriptures say, the Elect hear His Voice and they follow.  It was neat discussing the lesson afterwards with sister De Oliveira. She said that this was the first time that she sat down and clearly pictured the person dressed in white.  Just got to pray that satan wont get in the way, becuase he does like to do that, i have seen that many times on my mission. People who know that the church is true, they have felt the spirit bare witness, but the world gets in the way and they arent truly certain if they can live the life that God requires.  We saw that this week, teaching a mother and daughter who´d already recieved the lessons.  They said they believe in what we taught them, that Joseph was the prophet of the restoration, but when it comes to following, they say its complicated, or its too dificult.  So, let me understand, its too hard to follow Christ?
It makes you sad, when you know they just aren´t willing to open their hearts and follow the spirit.  But not everyone excepted or recognized even when Jesus Christ himself was teaching his truths.
This transfer will be a short one, of only 5 weeks.
 story funny.  So im pretty sure our neighbors are going to hate us after last night, but we had 2 cockroach appearances, one which was having a baby.  (yeah i didnt look at that one....ewww)  imagine 4 young women tryying to kill a cockroach, one screaming jumping up and down, one ontop of a chair with a can of raid, one with a shoe, and the other with the broom.  (i always prefer the broom).  Not only once last night, but twice.
I almost wet myself from the laughter.
So im really excited about Ella being born.  I was waiting to hear if she already left the womb or if she is hanging in on there. I´ll pray for you Leda, i know God will bless you with a quick deliverance. ;)
estou animada!

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