Monday, March 12, 2012

Transferencia 10 Semana 4

Another week has come and gone!
Time sure is passing by quickly, am having a lot of fun and alot of learning with Sister De Oliveira. She makes me trunky. Trunky for her house! SEriously, I have got to visit Natal. Go to the beach, eat açaí and cuscuz......its so delicious. She is a person with big Energizer batteries. We are always singing and laughing and messing around; our favorite this week is to pretend like we are mad at each other and one is the mother and the other the child receving punishment. It is so hilarious, becase the other sisters haven´t a clue what to do with us! hahahaha today is going to be a very chilax day. I will actually write some letters, watch a movie (yeah, when your options are only church filmes, you still get excited to watch together forever or the restoration!) and eat popcorn! its going to be awesome! Last week we went to play paintball with another zone but we were late and the place had someone else already scheduled so we ended up going to another chapel in the centro and played football. err soccer. it was really fun, and funny because you have to play easy beccause there is the no contact rule between elders and sisters so as sisters we´d take advantage of that and make some scores! E. Conceição and I got ourselves a game plan that we pulled the wool over my companion´s eyes (as she was the goalie). He´d go in like he was going to kick the ball in, so she was only paying attention to him, he´d bluff and kick it to me on the other side and i´d bump the ball into the net. hahaha it was great fun. We are having good success too, with working with the members. We had three members walk with us to do visits and contacts and we have been having family home evening nights every week too. Sunday we had two more members offer to walk with us. This makes me happy, that we are starting to get more involoved with the members, because its really the only way that works well.
So sometimes I feel like i have been on my mission all my life, yesterday I was trying to remember the names of Leda´s girls in whole, and I couldnt! I wont even try to guess what birthdays are lol
We have found a couple of neat families to work with. It would really complete my joy if we could bring a family into the gospel this transfer. it is sometimes really complicated, to find a couple that is legaly married or wants to be married, and then to meet with everyone at the same time; I am praying this two families we have met will progresss. One we met, it was by complete chance where our plans had fallen through, and I only remembered the name of the woman that I had read in the area book (a book of records of people who recieved lessons, or only were contacts in the street, recent converts and less actives) she was a contact. Last transfer we had tried to encontrar her in her house but she wasnt. I didnt even remember what the number was or the name of the street, but i believe the spirit led me to remember because when we got to her house she was home and let us in. She had already recieved the lessons from missionaries years past, but we talked about the restoration and families. She said that she prays everyday for the Lord to show her which church is true; because she wants to raise her family with gospel principles. She said she wants to be like us, and be able to say ´´I know this is the true Church of God.´´ She has a mother in law who is a memeber, and had actually been talking about doing a visit in the church again because its been a while since she went. The only thing that is faltering is marriage.
nobody gets married here!
but at least Campo Grande has this great marriage system. If you have beeen living together more than one year, you go to where this moblie marrage center is and bring all your documents and get married for free. for FREEE!! just do it!
but yeah,
hope ya´ll have a fantastic week.
lo0ve kristin

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