Thursday, February 23, 2012

Transfer 10 week 3

What a great week we had! it ended with a great baptism of Marilene, our neighbor in our aparments. It is such a pleasure to see the changes people make becuase of the gospel. she stoped smoking in one week and the next week stopped drinking coffee. She never had a very religious background, but she pays attention and observes alot and has a desire to follow the Savior. We met a little family after church yesterday and they fully accepted the message of the restoration. It is awesome to see how much the Lord blesses us in our lives.
Sister De Oliveira is helping me loose my accent, which really isnt easy when im choosing to learn a northeastern accent; its difficult for us americans! I practice when i read anything to pronounce like she does. cuz her accent is awesome!
Sorry its short this week,
because of carnival its been hard to find a lan house open and so we are a little behind schedule.
amo voces!
sister smith
photo 1: what you do when your iron stops working and your companion cant leave the house with anything slightly wrinkled
photo 2: when you put your cup of tereré in the fridge and it freezes...

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