Sunday, February 12, 2012

transfer 9 week 6

one more week has past and gone that has left me very tired....Gotta keep running though. This week was a week very difficult, as we were working so hard to find people to teach and bring them to the church, rejection was the daily meal. We had one teenager who had accepted to prepare for batism, we talked with her mom to get her signature of it and she said her daughter didnt want to be baptised or go to church. So I called her daughter, when i said this, she hung up the phone. Yeah. got my answer cleared. Yeah, its been a week of running after people who are whishy-washy....we dont have time for this! There are people out there! It is frustrating as everyday i am constantly thinking of what needs to be changed, why arent we having success, and really i just dont know what to do. One thing i know for certain, you can´t do this work alone. you need the Spirit and you need your companion. If the three of you arent on the same page, its not going to go right.
Our new ward mission leader Luis and his wife Ana Paula are so awesome! they are the couple I want to be. Return missionaries who have the vision of sharing the gospel, I have never had a leader who on his own will went to visit a investigator. We had a great activity last night, we watched 17 miracles, was such a great opportunity for members to bring non-members. we had one woman from our apartment go with us and we will start teaching her now.
hope you all enjoy the photos.
Hope you all have a great week.
love kristin

photo 1: henrique: the little car that has a lot of experience in missionary work
photo 2:PercĂ­dio, Edinira, Fatima, Ederlinio, The men recieved the priesthood last week and PercĂ­dio is preparing to recieve the higher priesthood! ITs so amzing to see how much the gospel changes people. Happy family. :)
photo 3: what we do after nightly planning session, sit on the veranada eating icecream and playing uno...

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  1. This family is so special. I had opportunity to know them and talk with them several times.