Sunday, February 12, 2012

transfer 9 week 4

the week in photos...
last p day in the centro...
1. the tree that looks like a giant pineapple
2. the view from the park of the indidious nations
3. i was sick for the rest of the day after elder ertel spun us on the merry go round
4. the sky is beautiful in campo grande...
5. making pancakes with frozen eggs! yeahhhhhh!

yeah, i wish i would have taken a picture of all of us sisters this week. its pretty much rained non stop the past week. and i lost my umbrella so i was resorting to using a plastic poncho i found in another area in my mission. I got a lot of stare-downs in that one. ´´What, you´ve never seen a walking plastic bag before?`` .....``now i know what it feels like to be garbage...``

so yeah things have been kinda slow this week, i haven´t had numbers like this since can onlky get better, right? We have met some really neat people the past two weeks, i hope that this week we can help them learn more of the gospel and become a part of the church. This transfer is just running past and i have so many changes to make within myself and my work. Today we will make pizza, sounds like it will be sisteres sem elderes dia, since the elders had marked with some other elders in another zone to go paint balling. i would like to, but today i have a lot to do. After here I have to go to the centro para comprar sandals, my sandals i bought that I thought would be good are already hashed after two months. and i need to cut my hair. its really hideous with its multi tone. i just want to loose light ends, really!

hope all is well with ya´ll. Have any of you watched 17 17 miracles, about the willie handcart company? we watched it last night in a FHE with a recent convert...such a moving film. I would have cried had we not 4 elders in the house watching to see if the sisters would bawl.

love, kristin

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