Sunday, February 12, 2012

transfer 9 week 5

Dear family,
if i would have been thinking better i would be sending pictures of our new apartment. YEAH!! we have a new apartment, we moved this week. Second house move i have done on my mission, i should be pro. except this time the help we were to recieve from members fell through so it took a lot longer to get everything moved....the elders in my zone helped us out. we carryed alot of things in hand down the street and around the corner into the other neighboorhood, a good 15 min walk. It was so funny watching one elder pulling a purple and pink suitcase down the street. And then when we took the mattresses, there was a mattress fight in the street. got a ride from sister aires on the bike of juan, son of a recent convert. Its a good little apartment we are in now, its a lot more secure, where there is a gate with a man at the post and the rent is cheaper than the house. Im excited for this week of work; we had one of those weeks where we cut all of our investigators because they just werent willing to make a compromise with God to go to church. Some people recieve missionaries openly in their home, keep other promises of praying and studying, but when it comes to leavin the house, they can´t. Its sad when you work so hard with someone and you really love them and you know they felt that it is true, but they can´t seem to let go of the world. the world sucks, its not going to bring you any happiness!!! just repent and go to church. Its simple! salvation or damnation, those really are the options! For me, anything less than the Celestial Kingdom is damnation.
Hope everyone is well, im praying for all ya´ll. give my love to the little ones!

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