Thursday, February 23, 2012

Transfer 10 week 2

Sending pictures!
me and sister De Oliveira
A family bem especial! Roni and Elaine. They take care of the missionaries. And we got a present from them yesterday! Gave us tereré boxes for our herb!!
Its been a good week. Im loving the time working with my new companion. She is always excited and wanting to work and talks all the time. She is going to help me alot, we are going to kick butt this transfer! We are working with Marlelene and Sueli. They both have their own set of problems, but willing to follow the Savior. Im hoping that we can surpass our goal and have two baptisms of two special women this weekend. This work only goes forward when we are all focused and working togeher. Its great to have a companion who has the same focus as you and you want to work to be better, no matter how difficult or challenging the task.
Im also working on my portuges, she is going to help me lose my accent. Becuase its really getting me frustrated lately, people deciding that they dont understand anything I say becuase I have an accent. I know how to speak your language, that is how we have been conversing for the last ten minutes!!
Hope everyone is doing well!
love kristin

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