Monday, August 22, 2011

transfer 5 week 6

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i had to sit and think for a little bit about what transfer im on.....the weeks and days are realy becoming a blur, especially this past week. We were scheduled to have our zone conference this week, but President was inspired to move it up a week, who knows why but the Lord, but we dont doubt that there is a good reason behind it. President had warned us all to prepare a 7 min talk about righeousness and one of us would be chosen to share. I got that priveldge, i was just relieved i wasnt asked to speak doctrine & convenants 4 because i just dont quite have that one down. I also got to do a demonstration infront of everyone with my companion of one of the new trainings we´d recieved. Hey, if you are prepared you need not fear; so i was relieved that i had been practicing the trainings the previous week. This conferencia foi muuito bom. I learned so much, so much that i need to change to be a better missionary ane person, and the pracitces we did really are helping my companion and I. I really wish Sister Morais and I could stay companions for longer, i love working with her. But its not very likely, as we have 2 or 3 more sisters coming this next transfer, and all the other sisters are training, so we´ll clearly be training. We´ll see next week where i will be.
We had the baptism of Marcos this sunday, he is such a good youth. He´d recieved a book of mormon from one of our young women and accepted the convite for baptism right away. His brother was baptised the other week, Lucas. Its awesome to be a part of helping people find the gospel. The spirit was strong at his baptism, and I felt that excitment burning in me the whole day because of it. Its a happiness like no other happy feeling, when you see someone take that step towards heaven, towards returning to our Heavenly Father.
We are working with a couple of people towards baptism in the incoming weeks, praying for a miracle that we can help one young man understand the need for baptism by immersion with autority that he can be baptsed this sunday. We found a family this past saturday, the grandma (elanane) and granddaughter (D´diane) are of the Assembly, and the mother Tatiane is baptsist. But Wilson & Cidanie havent found a church they believe to be true yet. we shared the restoration with them yesterday. The spirit surely was touching the heart of wilson, but he was nervous about being prepared for baptism. We´re going to push him to exercise his faith that he can be ready. At times thats what we need, someone to take us by the hand to lead us. And that is what our role as missionarys are, to be guides. we are excited that he accepted. He can be an example to his family. We also found a young man, through Ricardo, that really wants change his life. He has a lot of problems that will take a lot of faith, prayer and patience but we want to help him.
Am excited for this week to trabalhar er work hard! im already starting to feel like my body is a thousand years not looking forward to walking home (We go to the city center for our emails, a good hour walk) sister morais and I have been running like crazt last week
love yall,

transfer 5 week 5

yeah, seriously, this transfer has just been flying by.
Lucas recieved the Holy Ghost yesterday and his brother Marcos made it (finally!) to church. Marcos will be baptised the following week. Sister Morais and i willl be searching like crazy to find another person to recieve the blessings of the gospel between now and sunday. Our trio has been dismembered as of last night. Sister Warken, a sister who was serving in matto grosso do sul, had to go home past transfer becase of a tumor on her foot or some sort of problem, but she is back now and will be companions with Sister Albuquerque for the remainder of this transfer. It will be great to have another dupla in this area; Verdão is a big area, especially for sisters. My feet will never be the same after walking the streets here. My feet are already pretty ugly, p days i try to make them pretty, but its not an easy feat. Cuiabá is heating up, its not uncommon to have a headache all day everyday for me now. We had a little bit of an adveuntre during this past week, another sister, Sister Sorenson serving in no sul, ela was robbed and lost her protecol documentos que allow her to be here in brasil. so she had to come up to cuiabá and go through the police department all over again. Que sorte for her first transfer of her mission! lol im glad that i thought to make a copy of mine, i dont want to ahve the same expereince as her.
so i think maybe my camera has a virus, or mabe my memory card...because when i tried to print photos at the photo booth, wouldnt work. I have another 4 GB card that was gifted to me ( was only 20 R$. deals on wheels...)
well, im outta time already!
love ya´ll
sis smith

Semana 4 Transferencia 5

you may congradulate me.
Yesterday we had two baptisms, that of Lucas & Yuri. They are friends, Yuri´s grandma is a member of the church. IT is so great to see young people choosing to do the right thing; its so much better to take the opportunity to become strong in the faith as a youth, than when we are old farts! I keep thinking about the scripture in Alma 37, learn wisdom in thy youth. Thanks mom & dad for teaching me in my juventude!
Vocês podem congradulate me de novo.
PORQUE: today I hit month 8 of the 18 of my mission.
holy cheese! its flying by, i hope i can just do things the right way, the Lord´s way in the next 10 months to have the success of the Lord in this Missão Brasil Cuiabá.
Eu amo vocês muito, continuar ficando firme em verdade.
sister smith

ps. last p day i made cookies. they were good, but super fluffy....i want a recipie for the type of cookies that are gohey e delicious. ya know what im saying? also.....bethany, that cake you have made, the jello cake? i just bake a cake and throw the jello mixture on top and refridgerate?