Monday, August 22, 2011

transfer 5 week 5

yeah, seriously, this transfer has just been flying by.
Lucas recieved the Holy Ghost yesterday and his brother Marcos made it (finally!) to church. Marcos will be baptised the following week. Sister Morais and i willl be searching like crazy to find another person to recieve the blessings of the gospel between now and sunday. Our trio has been dismembered as of last night. Sister Warken, a sister who was serving in matto grosso do sul, had to go home past transfer becase of a tumor on her foot or some sort of problem, but she is back now and will be companions with Sister Albuquerque for the remainder of this transfer. It will be great to have another dupla in this area; Verdão is a big area, especially for sisters. My feet will never be the same after walking the streets here. My feet are already pretty ugly, p days i try to make them pretty, but its not an easy feat. Cuiabá is heating up, its not uncommon to have a headache all day everyday for me now. We had a little bit of an adveuntre during this past week, another sister, Sister Sorenson serving in no sul, ela was robbed and lost her protecol documentos que allow her to be here in brasil. so she had to come up to cuiabá and go through the police department all over again. Que sorte for her first transfer of her mission! lol im glad that i thought to make a copy of mine, i dont want to ahve the same expereince as her.
so i think maybe my camera has a virus, or mabe my memory card...because when i tried to print photos at the photo booth, wouldnt work. I have another 4 GB card that was gifted to me ( was only 20 R$. deals on wheels...)
well, im outta time already!
love ya´ll
sis smith

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