Monday, August 22, 2011

Semana 4 Transferencia 5

you may congradulate me.
Yesterday we had two baptisms, that of Lucas & Yuri. They are friends, Yuri´s grandma is a member of the church. IT is so great to see young people choosing to do the right thing; its so much better to take the opportunity to become strong in the faith as a youth, than when we are old farts! I keep thinking about the scripture in Alma 37, learn wisdom in thy youth. Thanks mom & dad for teaching me in my juventude!
Vocês podem congradulate me de novo.
PORQUE: today I hit month 8 of the 18 of my mission.
holy cheese! its flying by, i hope i can just do things the right way, the Lord´s way in the next 10 months to have the success of the Lord in this Missão Brasil Cuiabá.
Eu amo vocês muito, continuar ficando firme em verdade.
sister smith

ps. last p day i made cookies. they were good, but super fluffy....i want a recipie for the type of cookies that are gohey e delicious. ya know what im saying? also.....bethany, that cake you have made, the jello cake? i just bake a cake and throw the jello mixture on top and refridgerate?

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