Monday, June 6, 2011

week 2 transfer 4

this past week just flew by!Said goodbye to 2 sisters here and my Sister Randall (down south to Campo Grande) Its looking like I´ll be here in Cuiabá for another transfer after this one; we have 5 new sisters coming in next month! That is exciting, because sisters kick butt. I´m starting to actually enjoy reading my scriptures in portugese since I´ve been banned from them in english during personal study. Ive been reading the last few chapters in Alma. I just love the war chapters. I get to almost watch a movie in my head; and you learn so much about the people, and how you can relate stratagems to your own life. Im just very grateful to have the scriptures; they are always such a source of comfort and peace, and of direction. Its just so amazing how the Book of Mormon just answers every question-no other book could possibly do that. My testimony of the Book of Mormon is bem simples, ITS TRUE! I dont know how anyone could read this book and not know that it is of God. Past tuesday Sister Randall and I got to go with the other new elders and the departing missionaries to have lunch with president and sister Oliviera. Oh my gosh, food, AMAZING! Honestly after living here, i will never cook rice the same. it was a great experience as a newbie to hear the testimonies of those who have completed their missions here, and sooner than I will realize, it will be myself and sister randall saying goodbye. Pres. Oliviera will be finishing his mission the same time as we will. got to run, my comp is going to vomit......until next week!

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