Monday, June 20, 2011

Transfer 4 week 4

you know what I really miss? HAVING MY OWN COMPUTER. okay so i just was getting pretty frustrated at the lan house here....first computer was frozen, and then this one, the mouse is acting up. like it took me three mins just to get to click on the box to type in this fanatistic letter home! today has already been quite the adventure, my comp and i met up with a menos activo MeĆ­dia, and we walked to the centro of Cuiaba together, except we went a different way and got pretty lost. but hey it was fun. so we are really behind our usual schedule of things but whatever, i saw new stuff. like this awesome hotel, i will hopefully be able to add to this week´s letter.We´ve had some interesting experiences as we´ve been finding people on the streets this week, as the norm, 80% of the people we contact dont live in our area. But last night we contacted two inactive members, a youngster who we are going to track down next sunday for church, and a woman who just got married a few months back. (amazing! they are legally married! RAREITY!) Its really sad to meet people who´ve lost sight of the iron rod, but its not like they are lost forever, we can help them out! so yeah, im trying to think of creavitve ways we can help this ward grow, help the members see the vision of missionary work, so we can have our own chapel. That would be awesome.
(so the pictures this week are kinda random, i borrowed my comps camera, she takes more pictures than me....)
So yeah, i´ve got new plans and ideas rolling in my head, its funny, i´ve been having this idea of what a ´´good missionary´´ is. took a couple of letters from friends and a lot of praying and pondering to realize, i dont need to be anybody else but me to be an effective missionary. Duh. hello! im trying to utlize what talents that i have- i came up with an idea for an activity with our youth to get them to come out with us to do street contactiing and lessons. I think it willl be pretty awesome, if i do say so myself. Im excited to try and make changes in this area, get excited about this work, becase it is great. what other time in our lives do we have the chance to spend our whole day helping others?
Love ya´ll, thanks for all the letters of support! I am just so lucky.
love sister smmmeeech

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