Wednesday, June 29, 2011

semana 5 trasferencia 4

Where to start.....This week has definately been wholesome. We´ve been working alot with part member families and less actives. This sunday we had 7 less active members at church! Its nice to see that our work is actually worth while; it can be easy to get discouraged but discouragement comes from satan. I loathe satan, he tries to ruin our lives. and the saddest thing is when people openly embrace him. Hello folks, he´s going to chain you to him and drag you down to that endless pit of misery and woe!! And then after that, he will point and laugh at you, and rub dirt in your face. and then after that, laugh again, hey sucker! you thought my promises of chocolate houses and golden streets were legit?! fail!I´ve been studying in Helmã this past week; seeing how pride destroys people. I couldnt help but think about the problems we see in these latter days, how people are so decieved; reject what is good and accept any flattering words for truth. I heard that New York has legalized gay marriage. my first thought was, agghh! my country! we are going to be destroyed if we keep this up. My graditude for the knowledge of the gospel in my life increases everyday, why was I so lucky as to come from a line of people who have the restored gospel, and yet so many don´t? I´ve also been thinking about the kind of missionary I am, and what kind of member of the church I want to be. Will I be like those people I read about, who get so full of pride that they loose sight of the end goal, life eternal with Heavenly Father? I really dont want to be cast out; eternity with satan doesnt sound too fanastic. I think i used to be afraid to tell people they need to repent, ya know, dont want to offend them- pshhh you gotta repent to be worthy of the celestial kingdom and eternal bliss! I want to be like our missionaries in the book of mormon, taught with power and conviction. Maybe i´ll get a corner stand and start my discourse with ``ARREPENDER-SE!!!!!`` just kidding. but seriously, we need to repent. i need to everyday all day. im pretty weak sauce. I believe that is a side-effect of mortality. Thank goodness for the Atonement.hope all is well, bethany said grandma had hip replaced, and the outlook is good. Bring some kisses to her for me! and no more falling!loves. smith

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