Monday, October 17, 2011

Transfer 7 week 2

oh boy!
campo grande is great. I sure did leave the heat behind in Cuiabá. My new companion is sister Lima dos Santos, she is a really sweet girl with a tender heart. We are going to have some good times together. She has three months of the mission, so she has the power and excitement of a new missionary. This is something really good in a companionship. :) Im in Julio de Castilho, its super different here than in Cuiabá. There isnt a lot of movement and everything is pretty laid back and tranquil. Finding is going to be more of a challenge with less people on the streets, but we have a baptism coming up this weekd, donna Maria, the grandmother of a recent convert. the sisters have been working with her over the past two transfers, and she had accepted a date for the sunday past, but when we visited her the last week she said she´d be more satisfied the next sunday. okay alright, lets have some faith here! ITs already rained two days since i got here, i love it. Campo grande is pretty and so I will be actually taking pictures now. Im going to miss Cuiabá still. I miss those sisteres but its going to be an interesting experience here with this young sisters. Im the old lady of the house, the other three arrived in the field two transfers back, so i´ve got to set the example for these youngsters. the southern part of the mission is known for being laid back and slackers. I won´t, just laying down the law.
The ward here is in a chapel so im excited to be in an actual chapel. The chapels here are massive, much larger than what ive been accustomed to states side. This is my first time on my mission being in an actual chapel, as a matter of fact. Sister Lima is teaching me lots of new words, she is also from the northeast, i have yet to have a companion who isnt northeasterner. Sister warken is the only sister i know from the southern part of brasil, rio do sul, most people here have thought i was brasilian until they saw my nametag, i look like im from the southeast apparently.
anyway, we are getting together with the elders to play volleyball and have lunch, so got to run. this week going to have a miracle, fe +works+obedience=milagres
love ya

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