Monday, October 3, 2011

Transferencia 7 week 1

holy cow.
even better than that, is that I got to hear all of conference! Granted i didnt understand every detail, but I had the whole Português experience. But it was so great to see our profeta Thomas S. Monson, he truly is called of God. Everytime I hear his teachings, I am more and more convinced of the divinity of his calling. We had a great final de tranferencia here in Zona Cuiabá. We had a good set of baptisms both saturday and sunday, between sessions and depois the final. Sister Morais and I had another baptism, I dont remmeber if id spoke of Warlen, but he was baptised by our Líder de Zona, elder Conçeicão. He has been a fantastic lidere also. YEh, Warlen is an electo. He is super excited to be a part of the gospel and wants to do anything to serve God. Our other Recent Covert, Douglas is doing swimingly. I just love that young man, he has such strength and character, and a special love for all the mssionaries. He only has 22 years, so a mission is an option for him, plus his aunt and uncle are super supportive. (they are members, they were the ones who gave the reference). Douglas always helps me with my portuges so its a good trade off. ;) So yea, its sad to have to say goodbye to people, i think everyone was already knowing that I would be leaving this transfer before I actually did.
MY new area will be, starting tommrow morning when the bus pulls in,
*drum roll*
JULIHO DE CASTILHO! (in truth, i thought it was juliho do castigo.... castigo meaning like prison, being in fetters. haha)
Sister Morais and Warken already served there so they have me pumped. its a smaller area; the food is great. Which is both good and bad. because I will really have to fight not to gain more weight. (yah. i gained a good 4 pounds here, in the area where people loose weight. parabens para mim.) ITs cooler theere too, im happy about that because im pretty sure my brain and blood has been boiling the last few weeks) and everything is a lot cheaper. this is good. And my companion appears to be super too.
im exited, my third area of the mission!
will send a carta soon.
Sister de Poder, Batisadora
(i can say that right? 3 weeks running, 3 men? lol estou brincando. its the Lord putting em in our paths :) hhe)

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