Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Transfer 6 week 6

so we had our p day today because our zone got to have an acitivity day! woot woot! we got to go to the zoological today and see the animals. I will try and send photos next week, if i can. I dont have a lot of time because we arrived back late this day has been super crazy, sister De Oliveira sprained her foot on tuesday and so she snt to walk on it for 15 days. so we are doing splits, already were with her and sister warken being sick a lot. Will be a bit stressful, with trying to have a lot of baptism for conference. We are hoping to commit two more people this week for baptism for sunday, we already have been working with 29 yr old warlen. He actually stopped us in the street to ask what we were doing. he´d seen missionaries before but never spoke with any. HE is always excited to learn more and meet with us. He has been throug a lot of experrinece difficult that lead him to lean on the lord and search the truth. Its looking like i will be heading south, so next email i will be telling you eree in the south im headed, as president called to see how i was doing and i had great referrals from sister warken. So letes see what happens. Loveo you all,

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