Tuesday, September 20, 2011

transfer 6 week 3

I hit the day of birth of the mission, 9 months. I thought I was running already, but im feeling the push to run even faster in this work. I feel like i have such little time to do many things. Sister Morais and I definately are learning alot about faith, hope and patience this transfer, as we have been starting with very little to work with. Something we have been seeing alot of is people do not want obligations, they dont want to have expections or responsiblity. Its always, well, I wont say that I will go to church because maybe I wont make it there. Or, IF GOD WANTS IT TO BE. Hello, of course God wants you to be at church on sunday, thats why Christ established a church, thats why the Lord called for the Sabbath Day in the first place. We were talking with one of our members about this, Irma Rosalia. She is so awesome, she needs to serve a mission. She has such a testimony, and conviction of this gospel. Its such a priveldge to have members so strong who understand their role in this life, who are member missionaries. anyway, we were talking about this lack of responislibity in people. Rosalia brought up that our church is one of the few that do missionary work, but why are so many people flocking to other churches? Its because other churches dont ask anything of people. Come when you want, leave when you want. Don´t have to do anything. To be a follower of Christ requires work and sacrifice. I guess something im learning alot about here in this work is just that, the perserving when things dont look too hopeful. We´ve just got to do it. I often think to myself, when I just want to go home, when I just want to sleep on the side of the road, when i want to give up--I think Kristin, if you can´t do this little thing for 18 months, how will you be able to anything more the Lord asks in the rest of your life? We have to show the Lord that we are willing to do anything he asks of us, this is the only way we can truely come unto him. We have been doing a sort of race with our ward here, each week the different orginazations have to do some sort of missionary work, and each category of work they gain points. This ward is SOOO EXCITED. The class principles of the gospel is in the lead, our investigators and new members are kicking butt. The young men are trying to catch up and the relief society is on fire to get a head of principle of the gospel. ITs so awesome, we are getting alot of good work in, members going with us for lessons. Now we are just praying to meet people who are ready. I know they are out there somewhere waiting for sister morais and I to interrupt their train of thought with our ever so awkward yet amazing approaches to conacting people in the street.
Its been super hot and dry here, im drying to stay hydrated, but i know im sweating off more than im intaking. Didnt think i´d be using a lot of lotion here in brasil but i was much mistaken. trying to stay white too, dont want any cancer, especially on this lovely face of mine. ha.
Love yall
sister smith

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