Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Transfer 6 week 2

This week has been quite the joy!
As I am now the grandma of Verdão, Sister Morais and I are no longer working in área B, but now área A.
This is a great advantage, because our chapel is in área A. and closer to house. Im glad because my feet
and legs havent been too happy with the long walk to arrive in area B. Unfortunately we havent had much
sucess in this area yet, not a lot has been done in this part of Verdão for a good while. But we know that
there are people waiting to here the gospel, we just havent found them yet.
Funny stories for the week:
alright, i think it was sunday or munday night, sister warken´s suitcase arrived (when she had to go home because of the foot problems she left a suit case in the house of her area in camp grande and so she had to wait for someone to be coming up north) sister albuqurque and s warken left the house to get them from the assistants. I was making cookies and sister morais was reading or eating. Okay dont judge too much, but i was just in a t shirt and garments because its sooooo hot all day and all night! anyway we were doing our stuff and i say to s morais, você esta ouvindo vozes de homems? Are you hearing the voices of men? and we start freaking out, oh my gosh the asssistants are carring the suitcase to our apartment! I dont have pants on! sister morais: I dont have a bra on! so we run to the other room to get clothes, and I realize i have dough all over my hands. so sister morais helped me put my shorts on and she pulled them way up high. when the door opened, it was only the sisters with this look of, what the heck is going on, and sister warken starts to laugh nice shorts sister.
this thursday, my contacting were complete failures.
the first three, all I said was bom dia e tudo bem, nos somos miss..... ``so forget it.`` ``already have my church`` and ``sorry dont have time, next time maybe.``
this was the theme of the day. i didnt have not even one person let me get their address for a visit. (mind you, this is pretty easy to get from people) so reject me, what ever! it was a great day even with the rejection!
yesterday was bem interesting too.
one contact, the man studys socialogy and was making a bunch of questions that were leaving my companion confuddled. After I had to explain to her that he was just trying to see how she´d react, he wasnt trying to force her to agree with his opnions. I found it rather entertaining watchin him get her all flustered. I guess i knew how to handle the situation because of a investigator i had in Lousiana who was the same way. The type of person who asks WHY and HOW about everything. And then that night we were trying to find a recent convert, he lives in an area that has a bunch of young men so we dont really enter the alley because, well, young men, darkness, two young women, not smart. an ex investigator immerged and so my companion decides to share a message with him. which draws the attention of the others.. one we´d contacted in the street i think 2 transfers ago remebered me and was set on offering us refriderante, we said no, but he wouldnt take no for an answer. IT wasnt until after we started to talk about the gospel that I realize why he was overly friendly. definatley had more than one beer. we wrapped up that lesson real quick and he tried to kiss my hand. yuck. thats one thing I will NOT miss, those hand kissers.
weell, gota go
love ya!
sister smith

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