Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Transfer 6 week 4

Hello familia, all is well?
I hope the answer is yes yes yes!
I am doing fantastic, as I am super animado for this week. It was a rough past week for myself and sister Morais,as we were doing everything we were ever trained or ever thought to help our investigators. in the end, I burned the field. ``Sister Morais, we only have two more weeks togheter in this transfer. We can´t spend any more time on people who dont want commitments. We are cutting our investigators and starting at zero again.`` I have hopes for one man still, Paulo. He is such a great man, well read in the scriptures. He believes in the doctrine of christ, yet we didnt quite get him to understand authority. We are going to go back this week to teach him about authority. The more I study the scriptures, the more obvious it becomes to me that this is the gospel of jesus christ, this is his church.
I totaly wore red white and blue yesterday for sept 11. My heart is very sad for people who lost a loved one in that tragic event, and am even more disturbed when people believe in consipiracy theories and say our govenment set it up. Im pretty sure USA no is quite on the level of genocide, and i dont believe the tsunami in japan was done by america. Okay lets just say that we had a investigator going off about this. Needless to say being the only american in this area did not make me feel very welcome, and this is why we dont talk polotics as missionaries. wasnot very pleased with the man.
I have to say drunk people are funny, but sometimes they are downright scary. My companion is scared of just about anything,so i think its quite fitting that we are togheter because i usuallyfind things laughable in the moment i should be scared. last night we had a drunk man, compeltely wasted who wanted us to teach him. we were walking past the chapel and i said, well, here is the church come here sunday and we will teach you, and webegan to walk faster. and so did he. he was pretty wild and shouting things that i dont even know but pretty bad,my comp was rattled and quite offended as we ran to escape him. I seriously thought he was going to start hitting us. we hid in our apartment building untilhe passed. when we thought our drunken problems were over, we went to a house of a less active. ERRR wrong again! the non memeber daughter asked us to give her and her nusband a blessing, uh we cant,we dont have that authority, but we can all say a prayer togher. I knew she´d had a few drinks,but didnt know how much. Well,in the middle of the prayer she completely fell over and passed out. yesh. needless to say we got outta there pretty quick, a bunch of drunks and missionaries just dont mix. My companion was not very pleased, she was certain a spirit had entered in the poorwoman. Well,if youre willing to drink, thats your consequence.
moralof the story, dont visit less actives on a sunday night who live close to a bar.
Praying for you all,

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