Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Transfer 6 week 1

yes you may be wondering why i didnt send an email yesterday. Well yesterday was a crazy very crazy P day. With S. Albuquerque leaving for home, ysterday she got to go with president and other mission finalists pra the waterfalls outside of Cuiabá. (the thing to look forward to when your mission ends here) Sister Warken had an appt. with the neurologist because she has had a migrane everyday since she arrived here in Cuiabá, we had to do splits so I was with her and that took a lot of time. By the end of the day we´d walked probably more than we do on a normal day and all the lan houses we encontramos were fechado. Entao, we didnt have time or chance. Dont have much time now cuz we got to run back home to be there for when sister a. returns, and sister warken will go to pick up her flegling. Verdão is going to have sucess de mais this transfer! we are all super excited to reap the harvest here.
Bom, as for transfer calls,
Sister Smith & Sister Morais : VERDÃO!
yes, we get to stay together another transfer! que sorte! This is good, because I just had a feeling last transfer we had a lot to do together still, and we need more time to accomplish this work in this part of the vineyard.
Praying for you all,
sister smith

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