Monday, November 14, 2011

Transferencia 7 semana 6

I can´t believe we are already on our last week of this transfer! the last few weeks have been kinda difficult, as sister chatwin has been really sick, we have been doing splits so I have been working with her in my area, but she hasnt had the strenght to work more than a few hours each day. Its amazing though how even when your best isnt enough, God always makes up for the rest of it and sees what it was. Like I was really thinking all our numbers would be low for church, few recent converts, no less actives, no investigators. We had three recent converts and 5 less actives at church, our efforts with our less actives paid off! The neat thing is through these less actives we are finding more people to teach, finding families who are only part members. I really am praying that this week sister lima and I can come across a miracle and have a baptism this week. This work is not easy; sure the baptism rate is higher in brasil than in other places, but we work so hard to get these people to understand and to feel and to accept the gospel. I have to admit when I was coming here leaving lousiana, I had the terrible misconception that the work would be easier. I know that I work a whole lot harder than I did in my previous mission. When you know it is possible to baptise weekly, you have that in your mind, that if you dont find someone, you truly are wasting the Lord´s time, you are failing your purpose as a missionary. I think this week has been my mid-mission crisis. Not that I know everything of how to be a missionary, heaven forbid I would ever think that, but I have had the training, and I know what more or less should be done, and the language isnt as big as a set back as it once was; so why am I struggling so hard to find people to teach? find people to invite? find people to baptise? I have had to do a lot of thinking this week, have had more time to think as I havent been able to work like normal. I still don´t know the answers, but there is one thing I do know. That God loves me. And because He loves me, He makes me struggle on my own sometimes so that I can turn to Him. I have learned that if you ask something, with only thinking of doing His will, and then do all that you can to try and attain it, God will give it to you. But if you arent willing to go all the way and just a little bit further, you aren´t going to land where you want.
Last night after closing our numbers, the sisters of julio de castilho let off some stress and had a blast.
So it started with drawing a tear drop one sister and it ended up with hitler mustaches and a fashion show.
Best night on the mission ever, well, funnest night ever. I dont think I have laughed so hard in a long time. I will be sending some pictures soon of that little event. hope it gets there in time for christmas!
oh and I finaly got that second package if I forgot to mention, THANK you for all the little goodies., we enjoyed much of the peanut butter last night. :)
photo 1. sister lima and I
photo 2. orelhão: phone booth!
photo 3. my mini foot with the grande hand of my comp.

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