Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week 2 Transfer8

JACA!!!!!!!!! Our neighbors are awesome, last week Moses brought me a jaca, I´d heard so much about that fruit from Sister Morais, and seen it in the streets of Cuiabá but they were never ripe, until now. So Im pretty sure starburst use this flavor, thats what it reminds me of is a starburst. I will miss very much the fruits in the streets, you really just cant go hungry walking down the road, between the jaca, manga, e acerola. Our new zone is pretty darn awesome, my zone leader from two transfers ago, elder conceição got transfered to here, so ive been pretty pumped to work with him again. Okay, so he´s probably been my favorite zone leader here in brasil; he´s funny and hardworking. Sunday was one of the best scrament meetings ever; it was all done by the primary, it being the primary presentation. I´ve never been in a primary presentation that I can rembmeber the spirit being so strong that almost everyone in the audience was crying and so were the children. It was a super neat experience; the primary did all the prayers and even played the hymns and lead the music. When it ended, everyone was joyfuly embracing. I imagined thats what a meeting in the Celestial Kingdom will be like. Our training with Elder Bednar was so wonderful. Like it was nothing like you could imagine. It wasnt a talk, and it was completely lead by the spirit. It was a pattern for teaching as we learned. I learned alot of things to do better in my teaching. Elder Bedar was direct and to the point about everything and did a lot of questions. Thats how we learn, durrrh.. And he left an hour or two open just for us to make questions for him. One elder stood up and said he had a question from his mom, his family lives in an area of manaus where the church is really isolated and she´d never have such an opportunity. Her question was what is it like to be at the side of President Monson. Bednar spoke about how Monson stops and talks with everyone and is so full of love. Its incredible. I got more of a sense of the responsiblity my nametag holds; Elder Bednar spoke of how we truly are doing things in the name of Christ, and that if we fail to help someone progress who could have, we are under condemnation. This work is urgent. Heavenly Father wants all His children return to Him. This work isnt just part time, or just for missionaries. The work of sharing the gospel is a full time calling for all of us. If we are not seeking opportunities to share with others, we are failing our life mission. Its not just to get yourself back home, but get your family. And if it is that we are all children of God, we are all family. And so we must do what we can to bring our brothers and sisters the opportunity to recieve and follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love this work. I love our Family. Have a great week everyone, ya´ll are in my prayers. Kristin ps. photos 1 and 2: jaca photo 3: my ´´cousin´´ elder smith from WY photo 4 sister smith, sister lima, sister fierra, sister chatwin THE AWESOME SISTERS OF JUCA!

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