Monday, December 5, 2011

week 4 transfer 8

THis week has been flying by! we have been working with a few families so hopefully we will be able to help some more people make the convenent of baptism in the incoming weeks. I have been learning alot more about diligence and faith, and listening to the whisperings of the spirit. SEriously, the things we learn on the mission we take into our lives. we are working with an 8 year old girl, Rafaela. Oh my gosh. The moment we met, I just have had this feeling that I have to help her be baptised. She is such a speciall little girl, and she wants so much. I could tell she wants to be part of the church before she even said anything, I could see it in her eyes, practically begging to be invited to be baptised. We were able to teach a lesson with her aunt (A member) and her brother (member less active) and mom (penticostal). Matilde (mom of her) said, hey its your choice not mine, and during the lesson Rafaela spoke up. ´´I have my answer, I will be baptised.´´ immdeately Matilde said No. Never has the word No cut my soul so deeply as it did. I failed to hide my tears. We talked more with Matilde about her doubts and talked alot about the true power of priesthood and profets and she began to soften. Now its in her hands to do her part to pray. We will conitnue working with them, I cant stop, those eight year old eyes will haunt me for the rest of my life If I dont help her. We are wroking with the mom of a recent convert. She loves the church, from the two visits she has had. She likes that we learn there and that it is peaceful. Her experiences with other churches she has had spirits enter into her so she stoped going to churches. She isnt married so we haave to work with that too. We finaily we able to go to her house (its pretty much the end of the world where she lives...dirt road and then take the path through the trees...its a beautiful farm) Zelia, her daughter told me last night that I will be the one to help her mom. I hadnt noticed, but Mercedes always almost cries when i am around. She had a baby girl die and somehow I remind her of her little girl, i have her face. ( I always knew there had to be a reason I have a child´s face!) We are trying so hard to find people who are ready to accept the gospel. Another woman we met in a part of our area i have never been to. I lost our map and so i said lets ask those women and talk about the church. We ended up sitting down and teaching the message of the REstoration and Elza accepted the invite to be baptised. She has been reading teh pamplets and parying and really looking forward to going to church. She totaly recognizes that the apostacy happened. Its a great privelgde and responsiblity to work with all these special people. Just got to live up to it!
Love you all,
photo 1: a thank you box i made for elder luz. we have a joke about me and maybe one time there was a situation similar to the drawing i made....
photo 2: the scary green dress we found in the house......yikessss
photo 3> sister feirra and I....celbrating one year of mission with a├žai!! yummmm

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