Tuesday, December 20, 2011

transfer 8 week 6

hello family and friends!
This week has been another week of interesting experiences, We are working with 13 year old Alexandre who has a baptism date for Christmas day. He is really excited and getting involved with the ward. He is trying to make changes in his life, as he was a street kid for a while. Some members helped him get his biked fixed up so he bikes the long ride to the church almost everyday to play ball with the youth or whatnot. ITs hard for his family to believe that he is actually being honest about where he is at, as he´d been a kid playing in the streets and never saying where he is at. The gospel changes people. Thats for sure.
So friday our neighbors who are members of the Assembly church invited us to their secret friend night. It was quite the experience. Moises was really cool about us ´mormons´ he thanked us for being present and explained a little about our work for the people there. We for our thank you sang a hymn. but before we sang they said the prayer. I say they because their church prays differently thank ours. One person begins to pray aloud and then everyone prays at the same time; it super confusing because it becomes to the point when people are shouting and you just dont understand anything. Then after the prayer we sang. Okay, so honestly we are not good singers, i could say we are close to terrible. Nothing anyone would pay to see. But the spirit was with us and helped us to sing. Like sister Lima, she was shocked that she was able to sing the soprano part and not get lost or loose the notes. The last verse the spirit was especially strong. IT was a night and day difference between their prayer and our hymn. AFterwards sister Lima heard one of the youth say, wow they sing so good!

So we hear stories about dogs chasing missionaries....well i hadnt ever heard of a dog going after a sister missionary so i decided the doggies just like elders.
That was wrong. There is an evil black and white dog that has tried to bite me three times, the third time he almost got my leg, left a small hole in my skirt where his nasty teeth caught hold. thank goodness sister chatwin had her waterbottle of power to hit him!

The great Apostacy still continues to this day. We met a pastor of an Assemblian church this week too. What i found extremely interesting is how he started off bashing other churches, saying how other churches do false healings and so have their church to get money. That so many people are being confused by false teachings. I said to him, well, as it says in matt 24 in the last days even the elect will be confused. He then said that he didnt hold a lot of stock in profecies, just faith in Christ. yep. So to show how he practices what he preaches, he gave us his card for us to give to our pastor to call him to come preach in our church and he wont charge us. And if we have any deaf or blind or those who cant walk, he will heal them. He is preparing to resssurect the dead too. Then suddenly he begins to pray and after the prayer looks at me and says with in this week you will recieve a vision as a answer to the prayers you have been seeking.
whooeeeyyyyyy. First, everything you said is hypocritcal to your first statements. And second, you dont have any authority over me to recieve revelation for my life. But thanks anyway.
Everyday you see something different, thats for sure.
The church is true, God is in charge. We just got to be obedient and share the gospel with others.
Love ya´ll
Merry Christmas, FELIZ NATAL!!
amo voces,

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