Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Transfer 9 week 1

Was hoping i would have another six weeks to work in Julio, but looks like God has another plan for me! Im being transfered to Banderantes, my new comp is 4 month Sister V. Morais. I am looking forward to learn with and from her, I hear she is hard worker and knows her scriptures well. She is more timid, but im sure we´ll find things to joke about.
It was great to see ya´ll yesterday, was the best christmas ever,
its was white. WHite with the baptism of Alexandre! and his family was there so it was good. His grandma Euredes said that she´d like to visit church with Alexandre. the zone leaders got switched into Julio and so i gave Elder Conceição the stare down....take care of Alexandre and baptise his family, ya hear?! It will be good for him to have some priesthood examples in hhis life, bishop wants him to be recieving the office of a deacon really quick.
will talk to ya next week!
happy new year!

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