Tuesday, December 20, 2011

transfer 8 week 5

Christmas Christmas time is here, time for joy and time for tears.
we´ve been good but we can´t last, hurry Christmas hurry fast!

So thats kinda our favorite song here in the house, gotta sing it with the voices of the chipmunks.
This morning i made a video to send for my weekly letter home, but what do you know? I bring everytiung
I need to the lan house other than my camera.
but I probably need to learn how to zip a file so I can actually send it to you thourg emailo.

So we had our christmas/zone conference this week that was totaly awesome. We got to watch some
clips of mormon tab and from the prophet too. I just love how sincere and inspired our leaders are.

Its interesting to see how much this work truly is the Lord´s and how much we need to follow the spirit.
As we had switched areas this transfer, sister Lima and I are still getting to know all the neighborhoods
in our area. We went to one that is pretty much close to the end of the world, is over an hour´s walk to get there.
our first time there we were looking for a less active. the street she lives on i didnt even know was a street.
the houses dont even hardly have numbers. we only found one person in the front of her house and she wasnt
all that friendly. This last thursday we had divisions with our zone leaders and i decided to try that street again
to find that member. we ended up encountering three families. one of which when we retuned the next day, the
grandson Allesandre was there. He didnt seem to be paying alot of attention to our lesson but at the end he asked
us about baptism, why its important. Really the whole time we were teaching the plan of salvation, it just want feeling
like it was the right thing to be teaching. in the middle of the lesson the thought was, you need to talk about baptism.
but being the orderly ignorant person i am, i retorted to myself, how am I going to talk about baptism in the middle of this lesson? i have no idea how i would switch to that topic with out it being weird. Well, even though i was denying the spirit, the spirit spoke to that 13 yr old boy and we ended up finally teaching what he needed. He has his date marked for Christmas day, as he said, the best Christmas present I could have; He loved church. He said he didnt know how to explain why he liked it; just that is was different than any other church he visited, ´´´there is no comparasion´´ is how he put it. His life is difficult; abandonment, drugs, lots of things but he wants to change.
if you want to change, the restored gospel of Jesus Christ will definaitely do that. If you are willing to do your part.
I love this work, I love this gospel. This church is perfect, as it was organized by the only One who is Perfect.
Merry Christmas, Feliz Natal ya´ll!
So what are the christmas plans? I kinda would like to know what hour will be better for the phone call for christmas, i can call either the 24th or 25th, Irma Neide is letting us use her computer that has skype and we will be there christmas day, but i dont know what hours you have church and stuff; so let me know what hour would be good and I will call the day before to get things organized better. We have a whole hour to talk with our families, President authorized!!!
love kristin

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