Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 2

Tudo Bem!! thats portuges for, basically, doing good? This week has been amazing. I have already felt myself being stretched by the Lord, if I don't learn patience here, I will never learn it anyway else. It is very difficult for me learning a new language and not get frustrated with myself, but I've been praying for peace and patience and God has granted it to me. He helps me remember, even if its just one word or phrase and I am so gratful for that. All that matters is that I give my 100% and God will make up the rest, through the enabling power of the atonement. I forgot to say in my first letter the coolest part about my companion, we are both going to Cuiaba. Oh and just so ya'll know, I finaly can pronounce my mission right. its like QueAba. stress on that first a. awesome, I know. I had my first time at the TRC on wed, it was supposed to have been thursday but there are so many portugese speaking missionaries here due to the visa hold up that we had to be split up on two days. TRC is the language training center; I get to go and talk with people in my mission language. yeah, so my story about that. My companion is really good at remembering the contacting phrases and prounouncing, I'm good at smiling and saying ola. She was super super nervous about practicing contact with real people (outside of our district I mean by real people) and I wasnt at all. It should have been the other way around. anyway so we were being told how to do everything and after that ended, I was like, what are we doing? I just zoned out for the last ten mins. she was like, WHAT?!! now im even more nervous. Sister Randall, your fine we'll be amazing. You know your stuff. and Im not saying that to make you feel better its the truth. It was funny to me anyway. Yes, Im the oddball in our district with my unique ways of expressing myself that make people think, what? did you really say that? don't think that will ever change. But really I have an awesome group. sister shaha (shayhay) is so strong and fearless. Sis Black and Ricchio are super sweet and always have interesting points to add about the doctrine. Elder Laughenberg (Its spelt different but I forget) is hilarious, him and Elder Thorpe have spilt something on themselves everyday pretty mcuh this week. Elder L. even clipped a bunch of napkins to his shirt and tie and still managed to become a wreck. If anybody finds a very large bib or even a towel, send it! we want to give him one for Christmas. Heck even a poncho would be good. Elder Thorpe is a future elders quoram president, I think. He is so dedicated and out here for the right reasons. Elder Smith is clever and smart, he already knows french and spanish so he's a great asset to everyone in the class. MY companion is "like an angel". She always bears a sweeet testimony. I see all these good things in my district that encourages me to try and do better. I've been thinking alot about Jesus Cristo e seu expiaso (thats jesus christ and his atonement) I am so grateful that he came and died for me, that our Pai Celestial (heavenly father) saw that there would be a need for redemption for mankind, that we would enevitably mess up. I know because I've been there. we've all been there. Satan wants to take us down, to not see our potential and give up. I will not give up ever! People want to know the truth, they are truly searching for it, just they don't, half the time, realize it. I listened to a talk by Elder Holland (voted class favorite by district 54) I believe it was called the miracle of the mission. SO powerful. find it. read it. He is so straightforward and says it how it is. Power comes from righteousness. Power comes from obedience. "astonish people. Bring some thunder into their lives!" He also talked about how everyone's mission will not be easy. people aren't going to be lining up to be baptized and the only thing you have to fear is pnemonia. He talked about the atonement, how it was in no ways easy. it couldnt have been. so why expect the mission to be? It will be the hardest thing. BUT THE BEST THING. have no regrets. Im running out of time for this week, but I just want everyone to know how excited I am to be here, to be serving the Lord. To truly start to know what real humilty, faith, determination, diligence, patience and sacrifice is.
This life is the time to prepare to meet God. Are you preparing?
(sounds like a corny ad line....I know...)
Scripture for the week, read Mark 1:2-3
Sister Smitche.

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