Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week One

If I was really cool I would have titled this week one in Portugese, but I haven't learned any numbers yet. There is a red timer in the corner of the screen that reminds me of those evil online tests and quizzes from college that makes me nervous. So I obviously made it to the MTC in one piece. Where to start. Well on the plane actually I sat next to an Elder who is going to be serving in Tulusa, Oklahoma. I decided he is perfect for Megan, just her type. His native tounge is Hmung. (I dont know if I spelt it right, but she would say he looks alot like her favorite boy from yuba high) HAHA I thought she'd appreciate that! My district is pretty small, there is 8 of us. The special thing about us though is that the sisters out number the elders. We have 5 sisters. 3 elders. Only set like that in the whole MTC. My companion is Sister Chelsey Randall from St George. (oh by the way you say Randall in portugese is "handoaw" and smith is "smitche") I am so lucky to have her as my companion! We get along very well, and she is good at pronunciation so she helps me alot. We're trying really hard to work together to make the best use of our time here at the MTC.
I am so grateful for the teaching methods here, they are exactly how I felt about missionary work. Its like we've moved passed the dicussions to preach my gospel to a higher level. Of course we talk about the lessons but we're not focusing on just knowing the material. ITs so much about communication. We are constantly asking, What does the investigator need to feel? What are their needs? where are they on their spiritual journey? If we cannot understand the person and show them that we sincerely love them, we will never be able to get through to them. Both of minha professoros are RMs from Brazil missions. so they have a lot to share. The brazilians are awesome!! There is a class down the hall from mine going to somewhere in europe where the elders are from brazil so we try to talk to them. I am finding that I can be a leader, our first day of class we had no teacher so everyone was just sitting there leafing through preach my gospel so I spoke up and said that we should read over the first lesson and then discuss it. After discussing we talked about the scriptures that would best support our teachings for our people. Alot of brazilians are catholic and espistical (spelling?) and so we had a good scripture chase. I see the elders with their mass of enthusiasm and having the frequent devotionals and testimonies help to keep the focus! my scripture of the week is Alma 17:1-3. Ben and Ammon, I suggest you memorize. This, to me, is the key to truly teach people unto conversion. Its so much more about the spirit you bring than the words you speak. At least that is how I feel. I hope everyone is doing well.
Sister Smith

. . .continued. . .

okay so you can send me emails through dear
I think you just need my mailbox information. They print them out and then I get mail more than just on P day.
I will need some serious deet for brazil. anything 30% would be great. no rush though.
I dont want to get dangee fever like my teacher did!
also, I had to get tetnus shot. that was it and only 20 so not bad, thank merlee for me the cash it came in handy!
ugh I should have wrote more in my first email but oh well, 30 mins goes by so fast and they keep us so busy
I just cant wait for bed everysingle night!!!
so yeah, dear would be great, then I wont spend my email time reading emails and not answering.
love you so much,

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