Saturday, December 18, 2010

Week 3

This week has been awesome. There is so much to learn in so little time but God surely blesses us to be able to do so. How else could we? thirty minutes is never enough time to write everything I want to say! We'll start with a fun thing we did last night during our class study just before dinner. It was a game that totally was an explaination of how an apostacy works, so we it was related to missionary work. So we each got a piece of paper and wrote down a sentence of whatever came into our heads. ie. elder smith falls asleep too much in class, or The alarm clock should be smashed into smithereens with a sledge hammer. (that was mine) and then we would pass on the paper to the next person who would draw what the sentece said. then they would fold it so you can't read the first sentece so the next person would have to write what they thought the sentence was doing. and that went on for a couple of rounds. My favorite one started as I like ice hockey and ended up being Sister Black went on a date with Elder Jensen. story about Elder jensen, he's going to tiawan in a couple of weeks he's not in our district but we've befriended him as he is very dutiful of seeking out esp. sister black to pick up our trays when we've done eating. its actually pretty cool that the elders do that. And its amazing to see how they can sometimes even act like men.
I'm trying to act more like a woman, but ya'll know how being dignified throws off my groove. My district jokes about how I should have gone to some place in africa where they speak click, aka "sister smith's sound effects".
I've been thinking alot about my purpose as a missionary, and truly learning to know what investigators needs are. You really have to show so much love and truly love people in order for them to trust you, to open their hearts to you and you have to be completely open to. Thats where the spirit comes in Handy. :) So the thing that I want to be able to leave here with and say I've learned, is how to truly teach with the spirit.
I have been blessed to have such an amazing companion, we flow together really well in teaching and we possibly do the best job, but that is probably because the other companionships are trios and that is difficult. We still have much to learn and to listen but its good to see that we're progressing. Sister Randall is such an example to me. I just love her. We decided we're going to be friends forevver.
So going back to the idea of seeking the investigators needs, we did a little activity in class yesterday that was very, actually good. I wasnt so sure how I felt about it at first. Our teacher, Irmo Cope had us sit down with him as a group and just ask any question we wanted, to find out what HIS needs were, not as a role play character, but as himself. We were able to use our knowledge and actually really help him in something he was struggling with. And then my district volunteered me to be next. I was nervous because, who really wants to be completely open and honest in front of 8 other people? its scary but I really wanted to give them all the opportunity to have it realistic. I suprised myself when I cried, I truly have come to trust my sisters and elders, else I could have in no way said anything that I told them. I was very grateful that they truly listen to the spirit and said things I needed to hear. Sister Shaha really touched my heart when she shared Jerimah 1:5-10,16-19. I feel like a child, like Moses too. That I can't share the gospel to its full potential due to my lack of words. I read Ether 12 as well. I know that If I but all my faith in the Lord, He WILL put words in my mouth. He has trusted me with the calling and I will not fail Him. I pray for humility. I pray for strength. I pray for power beyond my own. I seek guideance and assistance; for peace and understanding. I know the Lord will provide in His time.
I hope everyone is enjoying this Christmas season and truly taking the time to reflect about the Atonement and Miracles of Christ our Savior. He chose the most humblest of situations; think about his birth, his life, and you will know how much he truly loves each and everyone of us. I am so grateful for the atonement that redeems and enables me each and everyday as I fall and rise again.
Sister Smith
ps. I'm going to be in the talent show on christmas! also, mom, Im supposed to tell my parents if they are sending packages they must get here before the 22nd else I wont get it until after the chirstmas hollidays.

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