Saturday, January 1, 2011

Week 4

I think its week four?

I think it is christmas eve day too?

The days all mesh here, Im so busy but its so good to be so busy too.

OH!! so coolness, I've ran into three people that I knew before the mission, one sister I had a class with last fall, and Kyle Eby who I worked with at Thatcher Brook. He is going to be a great missionary, heck he has already had an experience with contacting this past week on his districts temple walk. He saw this woman and the holy ghost practically yelled at him that he needed to talk to her. apparently she was close to suicide and he and his companion were able to talk to her and they have permission to write letters to her. I got to read one that she wrote and that was really cool to see how missionary work can be done even while in the MTC. Also, Federico Martinez, he was one of my FHE brothers last fall. He is so awesome, it makes my day everytime I run into him.

This week has been a big time of learning and growing for me, I think. My normal teachers are gone for the break so we've had substitutes. One in particular, Irmao Perry is such a great teacher. Not going to lie, I was pprreetty scared of him at first because he tells you how it is, he acts how a real investigator wouulldd. If he's not feeling the spirit in a lesson, he'll ask you to leave. He's super focused onn us learning to teach with the spirit and really cares. I love it.

My companion, Sister Randall is such a help to me. I am so grateful for her, she knows when I need a breather and she knows how to support me. I only hope I can serve her as much as she's served me. As Im learning to teach with the spirit, Im able to speak more clearly and concisely. Now Im trying to invite the spirit more into my life to be with me constantly so that I can attain that gift to express myself well. I am so excited to go to Cuiaba!!!!

Oh myy 'lanta I just cant get there soon enough. Im falling in love with those people down there already. Irmao Perry served part of his mission in Cuiaba and he was filllliinng sister randall and me in about it. So when I said it was hot, I didnt really realize howw hot "HOT" was. Lets try the high being around 117 plus humidity. yeah. its calleedd CONSTANT STREAM OF SWEAT. Im thinking, I'm not going to be using lotion or makeup foorr tthe duration of the time that I am there. He also said that there arent many sister missionaries outside of Brazil called there because it is so hard. People die because its so hot. Not saying im going to die. Going to be drinking alot of water. But I guess in a way what he was saying is that God only sends tough sisters there, so sister Randall and I were talking, are we really that tough? We can handle girl's camping it out. Im actually kinda relliieeved that I can get away with lookking hideous and getting away with it since I won''tt be able to help myself. haha

the language is coming along slowly but surely, I know that It will come. this week in the TRC sister randall and I taught an old couple the second lesson, "riding the bus" with them and talking in portugese. That went pretty well, thhoouugghh we are still working on conguagtion and tenses, we were still able to comminicate and unnddeerrstand each other. so this keyboard has some serious delay and thats why everythiinngg iis like dddddddddddddnnneeeeeeeoeoeoe. fubecca (slacker). aannywho, we were able to teach with the spirit and share things that were helpful for our investigaattors. I love praying. I love how everytime sister randall and I pray before we teachh oour "investigators" that we are blessed with the spirit and our words are right. God is Awesome.

As its Christmas this weekend, I just want to share my testimony of Our Savior Jesus Christ. I know that he suffered in gethsamne, and on the cross of calvary for me. I know that He is the son of God, with a divine responsiblity to take upon himself all the pains and sins of the world. I know that he rose again on the third day, concurring physical death. I know he appeared to the Nephites in Bountiful, and that he will live again. Eu se que Jesus Cristo e meu Salvador. Eu se que Joseph Smith foi um profeta de Deus. Em nome de Jesus Cristo, Amem.

much love in Christ,

Sister Smith

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