Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 8

Oh Mai o Pai!!!!
So next wednesday I should be finding out where my re-assignment is. I cant believe I've already hit that mark. So Everyone, poll in your votes for where ya think Im going!
Im going to have to buy another suitcase because of all the books I have, darn it And esp. if I have to buy another wardrobe, I might need some extra space. And esp. if I have to buy another wardrobe, I might need some extra space.
Oh yeah so mom and dad, I will probably be calling sometime wednesday night to tell you my flight plans, we'll have 5 mins to talk, and I believve while we are in the airport we are allowed to call home, since we didnt get to at christmas.
This week has just flown by.
Its been a good week for remembering my place in the world, I was getting a little prideful about my companionship, so I got to bite the bullet and remember Who it is that helps me do anything. When I am on my own to teach, its useless. just got to keep the perspective and always remember that this work is the Lord's and needs to be done in His way. I love P-days, I can open mail before 930, I can get away with being late ;) but most of all I get to go to the temple. The temple is the only place where I dont have to be anybody, where I am just a child of God, where I am from and what is going on in life doesnt matter. As I was sitting in the Celestial Room, I thought about how I feel when I am in the temple. I feel at home. Its the only place in my life right now that has that feeling, its great. But isnt that truly how it is? If the temple is the house of the Lord, and we are His children, shouldnt we feel at home there too?
yeah. reassignments. thats all I can really think about right now. Our Brazilero friends just got their travelplans, so its starting to sink in that the duration of the MTC is drawing near. (These Brazilian Elders are going to the Netherlands).
Thank Grandma Kunz for the letter, I got it yesterday. It was good to hear updates about the family, I love getting a lettr from Grandma, I pretty much brag about her to everyone.
Oh! and one of my roomates, Sister P.....uh I forgot her name. descupa. Anywho she went to school up at Laramie and she knows Jordan. When she mentioned Laramie, i was like.....when did you go there? and so then of course I have to ask if she knows, because Jordan is pretty awesome! but yeah, I am the worst roomate ever because I dont remember any of the Sisters names, and they've been here a week. I only see them in the mornign at night, so I have somewhat of an excuse.
AND Bethany, you rember Marie Parkinson, our Women's Health teacher? I totally saw her at devotional last week, I talked with a little but I had to go catch up with my companion and I didnt even ask where she and her husband were serving. But she recognized me. para beins I know! ( im pretty sure i just spelt congradulations spelling in english and portugese seems to be getting worse daily)
Next letter ya'll will be hearing where Im heading to next!
I wish I had a clever joke or something to tell, or maybe something spiritual, I dont know...
Oh yeah! here;s a good one! its my favorite:
Why did the sock cross the road?
Because it wanted to stink up the town.
(laffy taffy wrapper jokes are so great huh.)
Thats all for now folks!
Mais amor em Cristo,
Sister Smith
ps. scripture of the day: Romans 13:11-12
pps. Mom (or someone), could you get a song from Sister Olsen for me? its one about baptism that I sang with her for her son's baptism.

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