Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 9

ALRIGHTY! so ya'll were thinking this would be my last email from the MTC. you and I were both mistaken.
Sorry meu Pais, no phone call on wednesday porque when we went to the travel office they said there were no reassignments.
Im sorry I couldn't call, and it would have been a waste to try and write a letter becaause I knew you'd get this email first.
So whats going on? I may have a reassignment next wednesday, but I may not. there is a possiblity I could be staying in the MTC indefinately for the next few weeks, there are so many Brazil bound Missionaries in the field that is just not feasable to continue reassigning until this visa issue breaks through. Brazilian elders are even being alowed to start their missions at 18 instead of 19 because of this. So I was pretty upset to not get a reassignment, Im totaly at the point of cabin fever (and I really miss being the one to cook my own food... PB&J is the only time I can do that here) and to have the let down of, no, you will not be going into the field next week, was pretty hard. So maybe I kicked the wall and said I hate the MTC. BUT I have gotten over that. I know that there are tthings beyond my control and I need to be patient and trust the Lord, and ENDURE TO THE EEND. as in the end of the MTC. haha Im looking at it as an opportunity to really focus in on improving my portugese (like, maybe using the right tenses when I speak now would be a great start!) and imprpoving my lessons. 2 ne 31:20 got to hold on to what my purpose is here, and where else would be a better place than within the Lord's School? I dont know what is gooing to happen within the next couple of weeks, but I know that it all happens for a reason and that I clearly have something to learn from this. Its just figuring out what that is, thats the hard part. So....some funny things that have happened the last few days:
sunday: we were (as in the sisters of my district and I) condemened as Cheese Thiefs by our elders.
let me explain. *ahem* so after relief society, us sisters were of course starving, nigh on to death. We came to our class room and looked at our shelf of goodies. The crhistmas shoe box only contained a few hershey kisses and spilt nerds that older laugfenberg coughed on. BUUT there was something new! MANA FROM THE HEAVENS!! next to the box was package of critz crackers, and a box containing summer sausage and a sleve of wisconsin cheeese. Let me clarify: The shelf is the law of consecration: the coat rack below it is everybodys, the grammer books are everybody's the picture of christ is everyones, the christmas box of chocolates is everyones; so wwouldnt it make sense that the crackers and cheese are a free-for-all as well?
that delicious cheese crumbled perfectly. It was SOOOO DELIGHTFUL.
three hours later....
Sister Shaha: "Oh Elders, who ever brought in the Cheese and Crackers, THANKSS!! it was soooo goood!"
ELder Smith:"WHHHHAATTTTTT!!! are you kidding me?!!!!
he finds the box and sees the cheese missing
Elder Thourp:"He''s been saving that since Christmas!!"
"Elder smith: "This is not funny, where did you hid the cheese?!"
sisters (with the except of Sis. Ricchio, she was wise and did not partake) "we ate it!"
The elders continue in a frantic search until elder Laugfenberg pulls out the wraper from the trash.
"Elder THourp: "We leave it inn the classroom for one hour and you eat it? YOU ATE THE WHOLE SLEVE?!!"
"Sister shaha timidly...."there was five of us......"
(Sister Randall and I were laughing so hard we couldnt even breath at this point)
then elder smith still woouuldnt believe us. "okay, whwere is it, did you put it in a ziploc and hide it?
no seriously elder, we ate it.
the Recompensation: A box of Goldfish crackers and a box of jolly time popcorn.
nothing like a good sunday afternoon?
So we dont do ppranks in the MTC, alas, sister randall and I do approve of a good joke.
goes as foollows.
I enter our bedroom (all four of our roomates are present) very angrily grap my toothbrush and head out, slaming the door.
Sister randall comes in shortly followed by Sister Shaha who states, "dinner was awkward, are you two okaay?"
Sister randall explains how she had a meeting and when she returned, she looked through the peepwhole on the door of our class and saw me hugging one of our elders.
I enter. silence. Sister shaha says, are you ok?
I ignore her in fuming silence.
After she leaves, I turn to my companion and say, "what, now you are going to talk about me behind my back?"
akward silence, the room was heavy with it!!!! ((sorry im cracking up here!)
We have this fake argument about how it was nothing, and sister randall is the coordinating sister and has to report it.
Our roommates faces were priceless.
They appreaciated the joke afterwards, one sister said sshhe thought, man, sister smith is ridiculous!!
Indeed I am.
But for the record, I didnt hug any elders.
And maybe you dont find this all that hilarious, but we did. indeedd. you should have been proud of my acting skills,
I was so LEGIT!!
alright out of time.
Hope all is well,
thanks for all the letters everyone,
Love Sister Smith

PS: I broke the wall sit record: im on the wall of fame in the MTC gym. 15 mins 58 seconds.
your child has legs of steel.

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