Saturday, January 1, 2011

Week 5 "half point"

Offically been here at the MTC one whole month. As much as I love it here, I HATE IT. hahaha hate it in the way of Im just ready to move onto the next step. those english speakers are lucky, only two weeks in here. But its great, Im learning so much about teaching, portugese, the gospel and myself. I dont know what to say this week, there is so much going....I forgot to bring my journal with the highlights of the week.
okay, so here's one.
Comparing Brazilian Portugese to Portugal Portugese:
Imagine Cary Grant. Thats the Brazil going elder. Now imagine Sean Connery. Thats the elder going to Portugal.
This coming week Eu no falo ingles! On saturday we're doing a half day of speaking onnly portugese, and on monday a full day. I will not be saying much. Wednesday will be our first time teaching a lesson in the TRC in portguese, so pray for us! and from wednesday all out, no more english. Its going to be awesome. Im excited, because it will really force me to think harder (not that I am not thinking hard as it is, there has only been three nights out of this month that I havent gone to bed with a raging headache) but I really need to work on conguagting. Most of the time my sentences consistst of a noun with a couple unconguated verbs. Yeah that will get me real far in the field!
Its such a great opportunity to learn a language with the Aid of the Spirit of God. I know I would be fifty times worse if it werent for His help.
Christmas was definately unique, I participated in the Talent Show and we had Elder Nelson and his wife stay the whole weekend. I got to shake hands with Sister Nelson after Relief Society and her good friend, Sheri Dew. Having so many great women as an example, oh how I am blessed!! Sister Nelson talked to us about making the right priorities, and seeking the spirit in all you do. She taught us the importance of seeking answers to prayers through the Book Of Mormon. Before you pray, she said, have your scriptures in hand and think about what question you need answered. In your prayer Thank God for the scriptures and how they bless your life. Ask to know what to do or wahtever it is that you question. AFter you pray, open your scriptures anywhere and start reading. You wont have to wait long before you will be answered. I can testify this is trus as I have tested it for myself. God wants to help us, all we have to do is exercise a particle of faith. We also had Elder Lowell M. Snow from the Seventy come, one thing he said that really stuck out to me is that a testimony is not enough, you have to be converted. He said a lot of other great things that I wrote in my study journal but I failed to bring with me to share. curses. I got a assignment for the duration of my time here in the MTC, I get to be the music coordinator. yay for me! I was secretly hoping to slide by without any "callings" but alas, I didnt. what was I thinking to particpiate in the talent show? hehe no it will be a good experience, and Im excited to be able to play the piano more often and maybe increase some talents. Its grreat to be able to discover new talents, and to be able to use them to bless others lives. agh 5 mins left! !!
I am so grateful to be here, to have been entrusted with this calling from the Lord. I pray that I can overcome myself to be able to fully give myself over to Him as he needs to do this work. It is so important for us to share what we know, don't let any opportunity slip you by. The doctrines of Christ are simple; they are true. It is through Him and Him only that we can ever return to our Great Father in Heaven. Love you all, Tchau,
Sister Smith.
READ Ether 12! its the best chapter on faith EVER. and moses 6:31, Jermiah 1:7-9, 14-end.

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