Monday, March 7, 2011

transfer 1 week five--TRANSFERS PROXIMO SEMANA!

As the subject line indicates, transfers are coming up next tuesday. That means I will be having my dia de preperacao on tuesday instead of monday. FYI
I've been meaning to mention in the last two lettters home,
Grandma!! OBRIGADA OBRIGADA por the delicious homemade rapsberry jam.
indeed I do ration that tasty goodness. the package arrived the day after I sent off the letter to grandma, so i didnt get to say thanks in my personal handwriting!
P-days go by too quickly, the days go by too quickly and it seems like we never get to everything we had hoped for.
Jeanette Swallow did indeed get baptised. That was awesome. She was so happy that she was shaking after she came out of the water, just kinda praying her thanks to Jesus. ...okay down here people have interesting ideas about what things are supposed to be like when you feel the spirit, so I was afraid of what would happen; but she didnt do anything crazy and after she changed she gave a powerful sincere testimony of Christ, the prophet Joseph and her desire for her family to see the truths of the restored church. She was supposed to be confirmed yesterday but didnt make it to church...yeah it seemed like half our congregation couldnt make it out, so it was a little depressing but that is their choice; can't force people to do things.
I think my favorite town that is in our area is Pitkin; its a lil strip of homes with interesting people. We met a fella named Randy that really wasnt that interested at first; one of those people who you afraid are going to be argumentative (doesnt believe in organized religion because of the hypocracy he has seen) but at the end of our discussion, he said, you know what, I will pray. You've got my interest up and I can tell this is real to your hearts.
yeah it is!!
Mardi Gras is this week, so happy fat tuesday. we'll be still proseylting, just avoiding certain areas esp. mamou (they are all pretty much catholic out there, and boy is that the party spot of allen parish).
This week's letter is going to be kinda on the lame side as to that my brain isnt really wanting to focus on what has happened; did a lot of tracting, which I like doing but at the same time we've got so many potentials and no progressing!! people dont like to keep commitments so then we have to move on; kinda depressing I know.
Good quote for the week:
kristin: "Sister Sherwood, I just love you."
Sister Sherwood: "I do too that is why I cleaned the bathroom."

Sister Sherwood is the funniest lady ever, she is one member we can always count on for help. She says the only reason why she hasnt left this "god-forsaken place" is because of missionary work. She's a trooper and dosent put up with crap. (probably has something to do with working at the state prison).

pictures for this week:
1) a sign we saw on someone's porch in Pitkin
2) you know you are redneck when you use your old printer as a door jam
3)jeanette's baptism.. k sister Gale has the short hair, sister hislop the long can figure out the rest.

I miss ya and thanks for the letters. I feel pretty special when I get a letter almost everyday, dear fan club ;) next thing you'll know I'll be asking for donations or something. eu estou brincado (im just playing!)


sister Smith

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