Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Transfer 2 Week 1

the login page comes over the screen, the crowd around the computer is anxiously awaiting as you type your login information. clickety-click goes the sound of finger to key. hearts are beating with the excitment of finding out what has happened for the highly favored, Sister Kristin Smith. A couple of children begin to fuss, feeling the anticipation in the air.........
And the moment you have all been waiting for:
So put your whiteout back in the drawer, my address is stayn the same!

Wasnt that just 100% pure excitement?

Yes indeed I am in a fabulous mood. Voce pergunta, por que? Eu digo, por que nao?! POR QUE BATISMO!
This coming Friday, darling Gwen will be (finaly) entering the waters of baptism.
She'd been putting it off, but didnt really know why she didnt feel ready.
Last time we met, sister Gale read to her Mosiah 18 that basically says,
what have you against being baptized if you know these things are true?
She started laughing and said, "...I'll do it. Im gunna do it. Im going to be baptized."
As Sister Vidrine said, its great to get some color in this branch!
Pictures will most definately be coming next week. Gwen is just awesome, I love this woman. She's just been so accepting to everything and has such strength. I hope that she gets to see her family the join the church in this life, becuase I know that is something she greatly desires; to not have to stand alone again and again.

This past friday was a mission wide bike day; our focus was to be talking to people more than usual, and to see some miracles.
I'm still trying to figure out what miracles came of that day, Im sure we touched someone's heart for down the road but the big
thing we got out of it was how to get away from being hit on. Seriously, almost every group we stopped to talk with were hitting
on my companions and saying highly inappropriate things to them. (Lucky for me, I look like im 13 so people leave me alone)
We had more than one person try to get phone numbers for dating related purposes. I guess thats what ya get when you are
a set of attractive young females. Its the mantle of our calling. ;) We had to drop Denise and Markcus because they got too
caught up in anti stuff. Its so depressing to see people that you care so much about, and that you've been working with to just
forget everything you've ever taught them and believe a bunch of crap someone made up. I think the most irritating/hurtful thing
was when Markcus said we dont pray to God. um.....we've said over a dozen prayers with you. Who do you think we were
referring to when we said, Dear Heavenly Father?
I just hope someday they will meet missionaries again who can better help them. The gospel blesses us so much; gives us
hope for who we are, and who we can become. I know it has helped me gain an understanding of what my purpose is. Gives
me a reason to do the things I do; a reason to change, a reason to work hard. I think as humans we need that. Without the
help of our Savior, we really would be pretty lame individuals.
Which makes me think of another of our investigators, Joshua. he calls himself a scholar, he loves learning and loves to talk about intellectual things. So of course he likes to talk with us because he's deemed us the only people in Oakdale worth having a conversation with. Kakaka He is one who will read and study all we ask and more, but getting him to pray is harder. he thinks its egotistical to pray, to try and change the will of God, as he calls it. And he only sees Christ as a good man, a philospher. If we can help him to understand the role of the Holy Ghost in his life, the relationship between man and God, he would be a fantastic memeber of the Church. Sister Gale (I love this woman, she can be so blunt {in a good way} and honest in teaching. I asipire to teach like her.) reminded him of a fact he was trying to skim over last time we met.. She told him truth is truth and you cant change it due to your personal opinion, God never changes due to what man wants. he had to agree.
Oh we had a tornado watch last week too; is it bad that I secretly wanted to have one hit town or nearby so I could see it?
Im glad to hear that Ben had fun at Morp; sounds like an interesting experience that he can learn alot from.
Dad, have ya talked with Dave (?) at alpine since the other day? I remeber when we went over there a couple of times as a kid and I loved his picture posters
in the upstairs office of the cars that had animal looks to them.
Glad the gardens for everyone are getting underway; spring is about here, we've had a couple of cool days but it will be warming up in no time. I wish we had some moutains or at least hills here, its all flat land!!
Good luck in life this week ya'll!

Pictures from the past week or so:

1-- my favorite green house. we a commited a lady to baptism there 2 weeks ago and havent been able to see her since cuz she works double shifts...
2--this just made me laugh
3--my comps and I made turnips together!!
4-my last district... sister gale, sister hislop, me, elder adame, and elder green. i think we look like a rock band or something

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