Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Transfer 2 week 3

First order of business, shout out to minha mae, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! I hope you recieved uma carta nesse dia. Segundo, I am moving this week, probablmente friday. new address: 315 N. 13th St. Oakdale, LA 71463 Thanks for the lettter mom, and bethany. made my week. this past week has been really interesting for me to say the least--Im really trying to learn patience. And boy, some days are much harder to do that than others. Something nifty this past week: last sunday we went out tracting and found a older couple, Jackie and Gerald. Jackie had answered the door and straight off was saying "Im Baptist" (I love it when people throw out their religion like that, trying to get us to leave.) and we kept talking though. Her husband came to the door to see what was going on, and apparently I asked if we could have a prayer with them (I dont remember saying that, but apparently I did. Thats the Spirit for you). That got them to open the screen door that was dividing us. Gerald was refusing at first to join, but by a little coaxing of us all, we had all joined hands and prayed. sister Aka afterwards pipes in, holding up her empty water bottle, could I have some water please? With that we were in the door and they were feeding us dinner. We've made a friendship with them; it is amazing to look back and see how hostile they were at first, but they were able to soften their hearts. We tried to talk about the book of mormon, but Jackie wouldnt have that. this past week we stopped by to see them, after we had been praying much and searching the scriptures to see how we can touch their hearts. We found out Jackie had gone to Boston with her daughter for the week, but we were able to sit and talk to Gerald. (this is the great part of being a tripanionship; we can have lessons alone with menfolk that otherwise would be not appropriate) We talked about temples and doing work for the dead. Gerald wasnt listening at first; he started to go off on what he believed, about it just being heaven and hell and you have to know Jesus in this life to be saved. So I asked him, well what about the people who never hear of jesus in this life? are they condemned to hell? He said he's always had that exact question. I opened up to Corinthians 15:29 that talked about Baptism for the dead and we talked a little about the spiritual world. If we could sit down and teach the plan of salvation to him and his wife, oh my gosh that would be so awesome!!! sister aka read a scripture to him from the book of mormon and that really opened his eyes to the validity of the book, I think. They are one of those people we read about in 2 nephi 29:6, why do I need more bible? "I have all the word I need right here in the Bible. I dont need the book of Mormon!" Its so interesting to me how people are so blinded by the devil. they really are good people, they want to follow the lord, but when it comes right under their nose, they are afraid of change, afraid of something that isnt what they've known before. We can see how Gerald's heart is softening, and we pray that Jackie will too. If they would just listen!! I dont really get insulted when people reject us, it more makes me sad. Its like, hello, this will strenghten your testimony in Christ. You have nothing to loose by reading this. So why wont you just try it out? The book speaks for itself. Everything this church is about relies on the Truthfulness of The Book Of Mormon. If its true, than Joseph Smith was really a Prophet, called of God to re-establish the Church. That it was translated by the power of God. That God does speak with us today, that there are Prophets here on the earth today. Hows the weather up North? Its crazy down here, hot one day, freezing the next. We had to turn the heat back on last night. yeah, whats with that? haha I am so stoked for General Conference this coming weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Revelation! Ah got a new favorite scripture to share this week. Mosiah 2:34 Hope everyone is doing well.

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