Thursday, May 3, 2012

The final countdown - week 2 of 6

Dear friends and family, This last week was an interesting one.  It all started with our district meeting.  Our whole zone was together waiting for the the zone leaders to start on what they wanted to say to us, and music starts playing and a man in a black suit comes dancing in.  My first thought was:  WHAT THE HECK. my second thought was: Where is Presidente? it turned out to be a really neat start of the transfer meeting.  It definately wasnt the norm.  There is a member in our stake that he does magic shows.  and so he did a motivational speech using magic tricks to teach us about being motivated as missionaries, having good attitudes, faith in God and yourself, and go for your goals.  Kinda cool.  The next day we had a special meeting with president.  In my zone, president put pretty much all the missionaries who are going home next transfer, less than two elders, i believe.  its a big group. Anyway he talked how we are his last group, as he is going home with us. And how we need to set the example for the rest of the mission.  It was a really neat meeting that has left an impression on me since.  He related how we are on our last 40 days in the field, and how Christ did the most work in his last 40 days of his earthly life.  Just do what Christ would do. Im glad to be back in Cuiabá again, I forgot just how hot it is here.  But today is being cold.. And since nobody has any money...we are playing it easy staying in house and sleeping.  I need that for sure.  We are working with a couple of families here, one of them we are going to help them get married.  Two of their kids are already baptised, they are so cute.  They love church and are always brining a cousin or friend to church.  MY area is pretty far from the city center, its an hour bus ride to get into the main city.  It seems more rural.  I like it, its different than what i knew of cuiabá the first time.  There is swamp and stuff so the risks of dengue is high. dengue is also caled break bone fever, my companion has sick this last week with it but she´s fully recovered now.  but its painful. strong headache, pain in the eyes, pain in the joints, fever and rash.  no thanks. Love ya´ll, kristin

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