Monday, May 7, 2012

Final countdown - week 3

it was a crazy week that sister V. Morais and I had, we worked a lot and taught a lot of lessons, but didnt see too much of an outcome.  But I have faith that our work will show and we will see the fruits of this harvest.  We definately had a miracle yesterday.  We had a good 4 people firm to go to church and 4 others who werent quite certain.   Saturday night I called everyone in our planner that we had met and invited them to church.  Sunday morning as we were waiting for people to arrive, we received a phone call from one of the people I invited.  she said she was leaving her house and wanted to know if it was okay if she got there late.  She really liked the meetings and we marked to teach her tonight more about the gospel.  Im really excited.  We had a crazy week, we had two péople who accepted dates for baptism, but when the hour came fell through.  Its a tough world we live in.  It can only get better if we seek the Lord.  Im doing my best to give all that I have these last few weeks because I know I wont have more time.  We found a less active family that we are trying to reactivate.   we had two churrascos  (BBQ) this week, it was awesome.  One of our recent convert families, Irmã Fanny and her kids, are so great.  Fanny´s husband, Gaucho (I dont actually know his name, he´s from do Sul, and people from the south are called eyah that is his nickname) we ran into in the street one night and he said how he missed our visits.  I said, lets have a churrasco, gaucho style.  (gaucho´s are known for their churrasco´s)  friday night we had a great family night.  I´d been teasing sister morais, as she was doing her 9th month of the mission on friday, asking how she wanted to celebrate.  she said anything but chocolate cake, and I jokingly said lets have churrasco.  Worked out perfect, no?  Sunday we had lunch with  a family that arent members of the church, their son is on a mission in João Pessoa.   That was an interesting experience to see someone who  isnt a member of the church and how they see a mission.  A great family, all the missionaries that pass through try to baptise them, thats certain.  have to find out what is lacking for them.   Its complicated. But seriously, it was the best churrasco EVER!  Every week we meet with so many different people.  Its great. Hope everyone is well, look forward to seeing ya~ll sunday. love kristin

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