Thursday, May 3, 2012

The finale countdown - Week 1 of 6

Caro Familia, quero agradecer pelo amor, apoia, e confiança vocês monstram em mim. Quero lhes dizer que amo vocês e estou muito animada para compartilhar o seguinte:   Transfer calls came in.....and.....I´mm.....gooooinggg tooooooooo: CUIABÁ!!! YAYAYAYAYAYA WOOOT WOOTT! *and the crowd cheers*   SEriously, I have enjoyed Campo Grande, and I thought I would be finishing out my mission here. BUT, looks like the Lord has other plans for me.  I had the feeling I wouldnt be staying in Bandeirantes much longer, so when president called me outta the blue to ask me about my last transfer, how im feeling and what my thoughts are about going to cuiaba, or staying here....well, he gave me the impression I´d be northward bound.  Of course I said whereever you put me president, I will work, you know that.  So yep. Im going to Industriario, sister De Oliveria opened the area there, the ward is awesome, and I will work with Sister V. Morais again.  Im looking forward to another chance at building more of a relationship with her and really taking our weaknesses and making them strong.  I am super tired, but I have got to make the best of these last few weeks.  Its going to be an interesting trasfer, because the three of the four sisters in our house are on their last transfer, Randall, Naciemento and me.  Poor sister V. Morais. She will be trunked out! This last transfer of 5 weeks was really interesting.  For only being 5 weeks, a lot of things happeened.  Worked alot, was sick a lot (im getting over a bad sinus infection i got that left me pretty dead the past three days) but learned alot.  I really enjoyed my District, seeing each person develop. Im not looking forward to the 12 hour bus ride to cuiabá, but this time I wont be the only sister.  I will finaly have the chance to really catch up with sister randall, we havent had the chance to really talk since last june.  Want to share a citation of President Joseph F. Smith that presidente Oliviera shared in his carta this week. ´´You need not only believe, but you need to obey the things that God ordains and do them.  You need to not only do this, but you need to dedicate all of your heart, your love, and your soul voluntarily to God.  You need to submit your personal will to the will of the Father, and you need to do everything that he requires of you,  If you want to be saved and exalted to his presence.´´ Just be obedient, nê? Love you all, hope ya´ll have a fabulous week. beijos, kristin

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