Thursday, May 31, 2012

Final countdown - week 5

I didnt get to send an email yesterday because the lan house was closing for lunch and kicked us out.  Then after I had to take my comp. to the hospital becuase she´d been vomiting all night....but here I am!!! The time sure is flying by.   This transfer is a tough one, being in a new area that has its own difficulties, but every day I am having some great experiences with sister v. morais.   Unfortunately we  haven´t had any baptisms yet, but I know if we continue doing our best we will find someone.  We had a great ward counsel meeting sunday.  I finally got to meet our bishop.   He works driving truck so he is gone, pretty much always. but when he is here the ward really vives up.  We are going to take advantage of the organized volley ball two nights a week here to meet and teach non-member youth who participate.  Seriously, the whole neighborhood comes out for these things.  The elders would just jump in the middle of the games and start playing in their proseylting clothes, but its kinda different working in a skirt.   So im hoping things will work out and the memebers will help us get to know the people.  the plan is to have like an open house during volley, so the people that arent playing, they can come into the chapel, see what is like, drink some juice eat some crackers (if we are lucky there will be food, oh my gosh have some tightwads in this ward) and we´ll teach some quick lessons of the restoration.  Im hoping we will see fruits from this.   Because we aren´t sure what else to do.   Our area is pretty small, which im glad about that to a point because people are more familiar with the location of the chapel.  Probably next week i wont be sending an email until next thrusday, we ar going to see if we can switch our p-day becayse there is a cool gallery and open fair that is only open on thursdays. love ya, kristin

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