Thursday, May 31, 2012

Final countdown - week 6!

WAHOOO!!! yesterday was the BEST sacrament meeting ever.  The ward was really full, and the spirit was strong. This week our zone leaders decided to do splits in our area, ´´blits´´ where they go into the areas of the district for a couple of hours and just do a bunch of contacts to find new people. its pretty cool.  Well, they found a boy named victor, he´s a big kid for an 11 year old.  But we´ve been teaching him all this week and yesterday he had a great experience at church. Loved primary.  His younger brother jonathan wanted nothing to do with our lessons, but on sudnay when we passed by to pick up victor for church his mom told him to get dressed and go with us.  Jonthan loved church and when we explained about baptism, that he could be baptised like Jesus, and on the same day as his brother, he said GREAT IDEA!!! seriously, they loved church.  We sang Master The Tempest is Raging for the intermediate hymn and Victor just soaked up the singing.  It was a neat experience because the spirit was really strong during the hymn.  I felt the room fill up, as if any empty space had something there.  After church when we dropped them off, they entered the house shouting how much they liked church,  CHURCH IS COOL MOM!!! I would like to be baptised!!!!  And now their mom is saying she´d like to visit. FAMILY!!! Woot! Seriously, this transfer we have worked alot, its been a lot of faith to not give up.  But the Lord gives blessings, it is so after the trial of our faith.  And it is never how we think or would like.  Im determined to have another full week and leave with some baptisms marked for the next week so that sister Morais will have to send me photos of who was baptised the next week.  That would just make my going home even better, to know that I worked until the very last day.   I love this work.  It certainly isnt easy, and never happens how we think.  but it is so wonderful.   I know that the Church of Jesus Christ has been restored to fullness of the gospel in these last days, I know that Christ lives and is the head of this church.  I know that God has a plan for each of us, that if we seek Him, we will find Him. Love ya´ll, see you next week!! hahaha kristin   i think this is my last mission letter....

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